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I recently saw a question on /r/androiddev asking how to implement a fancy animation… and decided to demonstrate how to do it using AnimatedVectorDrawable.

Here's a breakdown of how I did it:

Or you can jump straight to the code here:

#AndroidDev #AndroidDesign #Animation
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Its so fantastic
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Nick Butcher

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A better recording of my recent talk Animatable on building beautiful meaningful motion is now available from #droidconUK (slides are animated, which is kinda important for this topic).

Slides available here:

#AndroidDev #AndroidDesign
droidcon London 2016 conference cast. Nick Butcher: A deep dive on designing and building animations and transitions to bring beautiful, meaningful motion in...
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This is really great – thanks for sharing!
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Nick Butcher

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The video of my Droidcon NYC talk is now up. In it I go through a number of examples of how and why to build meaningful motion into your apps.

Unfortunately the slides in the video are static so i'd recommend checking out the slide deck here: (which also has notes in the ℹ️ field).

#AndroidDev #AndroidDesign
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+Carlos Hernandez Gil I certainly don't!
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Nick Butcher

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Here's a tiny little app to help you to change animation durations from quick settings.

When i'm writing animations, I tend to toggle these settings a lot so found it helpful to turn these into a quick settings tile. Two tiles are actually offered in this app:

– A toggle, between 1x/5x
– A selector which launches a dialog with all of the scales.
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+Lewis McGeary I feel ashamed, as a would be developer, that I didn't think of it that way
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Nick Butcher

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Looks pretty good to me, great job +Lisa Wray!
Genius 2.0: saved songs, new song page with animations & transitions!

Genius, now with more swag! The idea for the full bleed song header started with our designers, and they worked with me to get the perfect blends of gradients and put up with my endless motion prototypes when I insisted on animating every piece of it individually.

The header effects are inspired by (and heavily based on the implementation of) the support lib's CollapsingTextHelper and the open-source Plaid app by +Nick Butcher. The FAB is anchored to the header in the CoordinatorLayout. The transition is a Fragment shared element transition. Now I've wrapped my head around them, I can't wait to stick them everywhere. I'm planning to soak up more wisdom directly from +Ben Weiss at his +Droidcon NYC Transitions session. Hope to see you there!

We also added saved offline songs, a longtime feature request. Saved songs are an experimental feature, and THEY'RE ANDROID-FIRST!! I've been nursing a blog post about it, but we've been using Realm as our database and it's made building new features like these super easy.

Finally, this release fixes a few N-specific problems with our text rendering. Huge thanks to +Siyamed Sınır for help with some really weird bugs. :)

Genius on the Play Store:


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I love that song tho

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Nick Butcher

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An Introduction to Icon Animation Techniques

Week #1: wrote 27 icon animations for Android
Week #2: learned how to animate SVGs using SMIL and CSS
Week #3: learned the basics of Adobe After Effects to create cooler and more advanced icon animation effects
Week #4,5,6: learned JavaScript and ported 19 icon animations from Android to SVG to use as inline blog post demos
Week #7: rewrote and polished a bunch of animations, planned out structure of blog post
Week #8: writing, editting, rewriting, deleting, rewriting again, editting, repeat...

Don't think I have ever worked this much on a single blog post before... but I wouldn't have it any other way. Let me know what you think, and don't forget to share! :D

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thanks for sharing : )
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Nick Butcher

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Shiny new Android Studio 2.3 now available in 🐤 channel.
Android Studio 2.3 canary is now available, with many new features and fixes -- see the release notes for more:

And here are some more details on the new lint features:

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+Jason ON Sry, I could not resist... (even though I suspect there is irony present) 
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Nick Butcher

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🚨 Today is the last day to enter the #droidconUK motion competition. 🚨

Fabulous prizes to be won 🏆 including a 1:1 design review with my talented colleague Nick Bearman, a motion designer here at Google.
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Nick Butcher

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Thanks to everyone who came to my #DevFest16 talk in Tokyo about creating Animated Icons on Android.

Here are the slides from the talk, be sure to check the ℹ️ field for speaker notes:

It also looks like the live stream of the event is still available, i'm 3hrs30min into this:

#AndroidDev #AndroidDesign
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Nick Butcher

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Here are the slides from my #dcnyc16 talk on building beautiful meaningful motion. There are speaker notes in the info field which should help you to follow along.

Video recording to follow at some point.
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Very nice slides. Love the choreography part. 
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Nick Butcher

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Lots of great resources packaged up in this episode.

If you're looking for an example of the inline definition of resources (especially useful for AnimatedVectorDrawables) then take a look at this gist:
ADB Episode 54: AAPT

This time, +Tor Norbye and I spoke with Adam Lesinski about aapt, past, present, and even maybe a possible future. Tune in to find out more about how this integral tool works and how you can use it more effectively when building your Android apps.
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I see what you did there, +Nick Butcher
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Nick Butcher

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Just posted to StylingAndroid: AnimatedVectorDrawable Bundles #AndroidDev #gde #tutorial #android

In this article we look at a new way of packaging AnimatedVectorDrawable
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