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Facebook is learning how difficult it is to build a smartphone.
Can a software company build its own smartphone? We may well find out soon. This past week, Google completed its acquisition of the hardware maker Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion, which could lead...
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Fartbook, phone and smart, all in the same sentence . . .

Too much of a stretch of the imagination?
I would really wish Facebook to improve their app for android instead of building a smartphone.
I alsothat aimprove thenks
The author said FB has its own O/S with Calendar, messaging, apps. That is not an OS. FB has a web property/platform, not an Operating System.
I've read today they may be trying to buy Opera and enter the Browser market on Mobile.
While getting the hardware and software right will be a challenge for a mobile device manufacturer, there still looms another market obstacle: getting carrier support. That's a business relationship that can't be marginalized or be an afterthought. Ultimately, success will depend on defining that relationship well.
I may be wrong, but I think it would take a larger selling point to lure buyers than being tightly integrated with one social media site.
Google comes to the table with a vast array of good services, (Search, Docs, apps, Gmail, Drive, Play, Blogging, android apps, etc). I don't think a phone focused on being tightly integrated with a single social site is that much of a bonus.
Facebook phone? Hmmm... Who is going to buy? Please!!! not me.
A Facebook phone would be good for Facebook, but I doubt they can convince customers that it's also good for them.
If released, it will go down as one of the great product failures of history....imo.
I think someone must be crazy to buy a facebook phone. Is this how facebook is wasting there billions of dollars they got on the IPO.
This, to me, summarizes the sense of ADHD and general lack of attention-to-detail that characterizes the activities of facebook inc.: "One Facebook employee said the phone project had been rebooted several times because Facebook originally thought it could figure out hardware on its own."

This really should have been as obvious as day to a mature company not childishly obsessed with single-handed world domination. Not burning its bridges with Apple would have been a great way to begin not losing the mobile market, as the article seems to observe. This, they should have done two years ago. Going forward from 2012, what hope is there for a general reversal of operating strategy?
Facebook is desperately trying to find something to with their billions other than own a pointless website where people used to poke each other. I'm so glad that facebook is not integrated with ios because I don't want to see the words facebook on my iphone.
They need to focus on fixing their app instead of wasting time creating a phone. If their app is broken imagine a phone.
Neo-AOL mindset driving device design? Can't work.
its appcenter isn't an app store, those are iOS and andriod apps, it's just a place for developers to promote apps of other OS. Facebook DOES NOT have an ecosystem.
did facebook really take in 16 billion from its IPO? someone was saying it in another thread, a large part of the issue is from existing equity holders who now cashing out. anyone knows how much is actually new issue?

they could try to buy RIM, but it'd take like 6 months to complete the deal, then another year to launch a new phone.
they are late to the party by 4 years, but anyhow best of luck to them eh.
+Jerome A. F Yes, I believe the majority (If not all?) was existing shares held by early shareholders who were cashing out (Zuckerberg, Private equity, etc). Not sure about the second round of issues that will be coming soon (Which NYSE is trying to get after the Nasdaq debacle). Though I'm not sure exactly when they are planning to do the next round of issues or whether they will be newly issued stock or existing shares.
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