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I love you in 100 languages in 2 minutes.
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It can definitely put a smile on your face. There is one missing: VOLIM TE!
You saved my Valentine day as it's my video Valentine card now. My wife loved it. Thanks Nick
Me: Do you know how to say 'no' in Spanish?
4yo daughter: No
Me: That's right!
(repeat for many languages)
What's most amusing is that they all seemed to have been filmed around London. ;)

Yup. Pretty cosmopolitain!
Very nice! Here's my share: Eu te Amo! (Portuguese)
Matija Pa
That was never 100 languages there.
Ermm.. cute. But not even close to 100 different languages.
I counted about 30.
Hahaha yeah the Spanish word wasn't the right one, but it works. 
love it - makes me feel good - the happy vibes coming from the people all saying " i love you " Great idea
Mark O
In Catalan its...... t'estimo! (-;
This is cool but I only know 2 languages so I couldn't understand most of them.
Dear Robots of G+ make Hot on Google go away from my feeds. Thanks robots of G+. Sentiment engines, never want to see this shit from +Nick Bilton again. Thanks.
i liked it it was funny! hahah :D post more!!!
+DL Byron there is a slider for what's hot stream, if you don't like it...turn it off!
This is (read aloud) fuc ing su pa!!!
I am in love with your profile picture!!! ^
Chill out people :D why so serious - "oh no i found this on Google's "whats hot" ant it isn't.." so what.. its hot because people like it. These words are international ;] AND I LOVE YOU EVEN YOU HATE ME :D :P
The Irish was wrong too... "Is grá liom 'er'??
I don't like love romance and that kind of's groooossssss.
Wow! What was love and sharing of love got really stupid and aggressive fast... Let's get back to the languages of love... Afrikaans: Ek het jou lief Albanian: Të dua and Te kam xhan
Basque: Maite haut
No - the blonde girl with the guy is ukrainian
actualy its one minute and 56 seconds
there's no better way to tell someone you love them than by doing it everyday instead of today. Silly Valentine's day.
boooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiinnngggg...................yawn yawn.
Hey this is cool. Thanks Kristine~~
It may be 0:1:56 but the YouTube player says it's 0:1:52
I got 11 seconds in and said PUKE!!!
though cool ,idon'think it was said 100 times 
사랑해......[sa-rang-hae] Korean...
Jia Jia
Hey U love u...;) Happy Valentine's day...!!!!xoxoixo
Mark B
Ik hou van jou (Dutch)
I only counted 27 languages but there was Danish in there :-)
it's that like overkill? I mean after saying it like 3 times anything else is beyond annoying.
i know one he forgot
Defintely not 100, I counted roughly about 33, and was being generous by including each time it was said, whether it was in a different langauge or not. Must be that new math edumacation.
That's amazing! I wish I could do that.
They actually list all the languages and how to say it on their website. Pretty cool!
I wish the music wasn't in the background... almost too loud.
I would re-post this.. but its too shameful...
lol the blck guys near the end
Beautiful, and the universe speaks :)
Ian S.
Wouldn't you like to tell that to your girl? haha
+Alex Ride Not really. You really only need to tell the person you love that you love them once. When you change your mind, I'm pretty sure you'll let him/her know.
They forgot to say it in Nelson Mandela's home language IsiXhosa = "Ndiyakuthanda"!
I love you x 97? Oh it must have been Portuguese, Castilian and Espaniol.
I can say I love u in spanish
wow..., never thought id hear 100 love yous so many times
This was super depressing...

Overall rating
Shiłnzhúú = I Love You (Mescalero Apache)
That video is great. Keep it up. Such an appropriate thing for Valentine's Day.
that's funny!yayyayayyayayayyyayayyayayayayayayayayayayayaayyayyyyayayaayayyayayayayayayayayayayayayyyayaayyayayyya!
iWISH iKNOW how to say iLOVE you in every single language .. (; happy valentines to all the couples out there .... and of course to the all the single ones (;'ready to mingle';) ! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 blessed day folks **
здесь нет 100 языков. расходимся.
that wasn't 100 languages. not even close is where you go to learn to say it in 100 languages. The video never advertises it will include 100 messages maybe they can teach reading comprehension on that site too.
+David Cohen You don't have to use Google translate to understand that there are less than 100 languages here ))
and by the way, what's the language of love? :)
LOL..let me see..."yo te amo, Jetaime, mahal kita, me tumse piar karti hu, ich lebe dish, " thats five so far...
due u are so right there are less then 100
HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! just put the translation on, so funny what it said....
the dudes at 1:15 almost made me pee meh pantss LMAO!
who is this and why are you on my page even though your not my friend?
It's interesting that those three words were either awkward or funny to say. Anyway I loved it
Wow, i guess some folks don't have Valentines. Eat your hearts out.
ya that kind of weird you must love them so much
Was this the trailer for the whole x100 movie? ...can't wait to see it full, so I can laugh at the Romanian dude - most likely a gypsy, unfortunately - saying "Tă iubesc, fă!". Lovely...
In Poland (and many Slavic countries) St. Valentine is a patron of mentally retarded people, so it should be an "idiot's day".
Well lover's do behave like idiots...

We celebrate "lover's day" in summer (June 21/22), which makes sense, since you can go out and make love... (that was a part of celebrartion back in the pagan days).
forgot my language...filipino here
i have a feeling thast they didnt really say i love you in 100 languages
u should include KURDISH language as well P:
แจ่มดี แต่ฟังไม่รู้เรื่องแฮะ
I tell my wife and children I love them, every day, how can Valentine's day be meaningful to them?
awww just sent all that to my friend cuz she made a card 4 her mum saying i luv u in 7 different languages
not 100 maybe 50 but really cute and cool
Kab Yaj
Kuv hlub koj

Megan V
Eu te amo! How ever they need to do one for sign language!
So cute!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's a grat example of what people should do on Valentine's Day
Very Cool!! :0)
Its awesome how technology and Social Media are bringing people together from ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!!!!!
wow, this video's pretty cool
"Nakupenda " = Swahili <3
Kai Xu
YAY My home language was on there! :3 Mina rakasta sinua!
hey no offense but im not an average american. meaning i dont have a girlfriend at the age of 12
Don't have thai. "chan rak khoon" mean I love you in thai.
I once learned how to say it from a kid who transferred to my school from Veitnam
I could get a Spanish girl to be my girlfriend.
Thai Language >>chan rak khun >>"ฉันรักคุณ" = "I love you" ^_^
Good idea but that wasn't even close to 100 languages. Why did they put that in the title? Estonian - Ma armastan sind. 
Memorable.........nice to react..........;;;;;;
mekon tede naal pyar aay............!
that is not 100 languages! Sobe languages is twiece or more
Thai people love it ..... ฉันรักคุณ (I love you.)
This video reminds me Scott Mills from Radio One BBC only 26 different languages and misleading tittle !
phoolo se hansana sekho kewal phoolo ko dekho kanto ko nahi
Kumar V
hai very hute
well...but why don't speak vietnamese...i love you = anh yeu em
People look nice when they say I love you in any language. Hate is ugly and love is beautiful.
I am sure that "I Love You" hadn't been said in a 100 languages in this video. It was said in about 30.
"I LOVE YOU" in as fast as you read this!
Vo I nee , in japanese, correct me if it is wrong .
+Pari Vasoya arrey pari ji....... advocate ji ko yun pyaar ki goli mat maaro....bechaare koi wakalat nhi kar paienge... :)

& without spoiling the decorum, I write the way indians' show their feeling मैं तुमसे प्यार करता हूँ| written in hindi, Main tumse pyaar karta hoon. in english. :P
mi stima bo, my contribution in my native language.
Wesołych Walentynek :)) !!
Polish language missed :( We say: Kocham Cię :) U should improve Ur short movie ;)
Nay Win
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