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Guy walks into a beer while texting. Amazing.
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Wow.  I thought the video of the lady texting and then falling into the fountain was bad but at least the fountain couldn't eat her. 
If he walked into a giant beer he might have actually been happy ;-)
Could be a grizzly beer. That's one that's warm and flat. 
Too bad it wasn't a polar beer; that would have been the right temperature.
Andrew Y
it was a stout black beer, for sure.
I can bear-ly contain my glee at all this talk about delicious yet frightening beers.
A guy walks into a bear. The guy says, I love your honey. Hope you don't mind that I helped myself."
The bear says, "That must have been my lesbian ex. How did you get her away from he little blonde girl?"

aparentemente inofensiva la situación, pero me imagino que es una buena lección para los que van caminando con mucha tranquilidad, haciendo otras cosas ..y entonces se encuentran con esas sorpresas!!!....  Surprise!!!!!!!
"Not your average beer!" as Yogi would say.
hahahaha wat a lozer hahahh texting nawadays !!!!
Paula G
Thats a big black beer hahahaha
Paula G
Yes we know but they spelled bear wrong
It was definitely a dark Beer!  :)
Grilly beer. Not just 4 breakfast anymore...
Are you saying he was texting the number that the bear allready ate,?
1st time I ever saw the video I kept shouting he still doesn't see him! Then he jumps up and hauled ass. Couldn't stop laughing.
bueno, que esperaban, si le han quitado su medio ambiente y luego los meten en celdas para aislarlo. disque para que uno vea las fieras. tarde o temprano los veras de frente.  
pesia señal ladel internet en puedo publicar nada
I almost spit out the bear I was drinking when I saw this. 
It goes on the drive way how can you not see it
I bet the guy Shit his pants when he saw the bear

how mean, the bear was just needing directions
Wow. Next there will be a law against walking and texting!
I watched the video because it said a guy walks into a beer while texting... I was upset to find out it was a bear
hahaha, ke BESTIA! y no me refiero al oso..haha XD
Could anyone make out antlers in the video? Maybe it was a Beer sighting ;)
So where's the BEER? Kept looking for it in the video?
The bear probably wanted to use goolge maps so he could get directions to the woods so he could take a sh!t.
What a misleading "beer" in the title!
Wish he eat him !! Lesson to all of us to look where you walk :) 
Lol I was wondering how could he walk into a "beer" If it was a strategy to attract people to your post, I must say you made a damn nice job on it xD
People: UNPLUG!

As I sit at my computer...
Man this is so old. I wish people would stop recirculating this
Wow. There are millions of parents around the world that would pay big bucks to get their teens to run away like that at the mere sight of beer.
On the other hand, can someone explain why is there a giant bear walking around on the streets just like that?
Steve P
Bears were there first. 
Lions and tigers and bears "oh shit!" 
I thought he was walking into a big glass of beer. Then i watched it and realized that you lied to us
So... For some people at least, texting while walking is as dangerous as texting while driving?
Ke ay maslindo ke lavidakedios nos dio dios los bendiga atodos im tony
Good thing there's no right to Keep and Arm Bears, or that guy would have been in trouble.
And that kiddies is why you don't walk and text at the same time, you could walk into anything; a pole, a wall, a car or even a black bear....
M Smith
Me: "Come on +Dean Montague does spelling really matter?"
+Dean Montague : "Know!"
lol maybe he ran into a bear drinking a beer. maybe thats why he spelled it wrong lol
i think the beer reserve her 4 next meal don't jurge yet:
Probably, the beer was loking for the restarurant the "Black Beer"
Lmao the last time I ran into a bear ..... :p
Your welcome layba your really hot but I bet you already have a boy friend so I'll back off

bear walking woman ahhhhh a bear!!!!!!!!! Le woman drops phone Woman my facebook status can wait!!!!!!
Who wouldn't want to walk into a beer? A bear would be slightly worse.
cool i thought he was gonna legit walk into the bear and survive
You think you can outrun a bear? Luckily a chase did not ensue.
ummmmmm........ Beer? I think you mean bear
I bet he had to go and change his pants too... Haha
Man i wish i would walk into a giant beer while texting 
dang that is why you should never text while walking  LOL
nice bear, suprized he didn't eat the dude...
Walks into Bear! Not Beer!
+Nick Bilton might want to spell check your title up there. I think the guy ran into a bear, not a beer. just saying.
hahahahahahaha you said beer :P
+Cody Smith, says the guy in the toilet! Lol! Idk if he intentionally wrote "beer" but it did provide a lot more funny comments than it would have otherwise. Most people knew what he meant and had a great time with it. No harm done. 
I love running into beer after a long day.
Pretty old, but funny nonetheless
Guy craps pants after walking into bear while texting
That's funny as hell.... It be funnier if the bear ran off in the other direction.... Damn human runnnnnnnnn
Pretty sure the joke goes "Two guys walk into a bar, the third one ducks."
Wow, I would need a clean pair of shorts
What's wrong with walking into a beer? And besides, I didn't even see a beer. Did the bear have a beer?
i would totally freak out if i saw a bear!!! (beer) :P
Awesome! He probably had to change his underwear afterwards.
Hes (not) smarter than the average beer
Oh, now i get all the beer jokes....
Look to be a guy d
With a traind dress up ,as a beer would need glass crazy aint go huntng with hm ,open park. Pet haha cool. Shot .
Matt V
That guys butthole exploded!
And this guy's a columnist? He needs to lay off his beers.
Sweet! I've just received my free minecraft giftcode!

>> <<
wow that must have been unBEARable
Think I wud 've split 2 wow! He cud've got Bearmugged Lol !
A bear will get your attention, even while texting.
wow that guy needs to learn that texting and driving\walking whatever can wait.
I came for the beer and stayed for the bear. 
nice catch kevin. some dumb ass did put beer. how the hell do u run into a beer. it is supposed 2 be bear not beer, nick.
Gotta give him props he reacted quickly.
Wow I can't believe I read all of these comments... I need a beer.
Haha, funny!! For the record: cute bear lol
it would have been funny as hell if the guy would have actually walked into the beer. while texting of course
Where's the beer?
Nah, he was on YouTube, checking out a video of some bear walking down the street... Oh sh!t!!
He noticed the bear before the helicopter
Good think the bear wasn't in the mood for playing catch me if you can
"So this guy walks into a bear...."
Not only is texting while driving dangerous, but apparently texting while walking as well!
I've walked into many beers and highly recommend it
he is lucky that bear didnt catch up to him
Good thing he run like heck!
In Soviet Russia, you don't get beer, beer gets you!!!!!
Oh damn, I thought we'd actually see him walk into the bear. 
He walked into a beer - did he drink it? 
People can't even text and WALK! Now I know how dangerous it is to text and drive lol 
Wonder if he can chew gum and walk at the same time???
It's a 4 legged beer that can kill you.
Go ahead and laugh...some liberal will call for a ban on texting cause of this. Never mind that a bear was in the hood...but the dude was to busy texting...
Hehe I love California :)
this is so funny...  i want kids who like to obsessive text see this
This reminds me of that Simpsons episode when that wild bear roams around Springfield and with homers help the mayor introduces the bear tax! Will someone please think of the children! 
If I could run into a beer every day I'd be a happy man. A bear, on the other hand...
first it was texting and driving know its texting and walking
I'd like to walk into a drunk chick and bear hump her
Ahh, the mighty black beer. One of the most powerful things in the world, it is capable of knocking out even the toughest of people.
I know he had change his pants, he had to shit em. 
Nonono guys! There is a beer! Thas y this old vid is getn recirculated! Its jus that its been copied so many times that the vid quality has dropped and now its too pixelated to see the beer now. Im perty sure he ran into wen he ran away from the bear. Then the police found out he was underage an arrested him on possesion of alcohol. So he shoulda ran toward the bear. Woulda made a waayy better vid......
haha, bear, not beer.....though beer is capable of knocking people out...
Twattle: Wattling down the street  at half  the speed of walking  while you use text messaging.

I walked 4 blocks with my friend a highly educated man while he walked at 2k/h because he wouldn't stop texting simultaneously. Finially I walked away and left him there. later I received a text Errrr! No reply
So this dyslexic guy walked into a bra......
This is too good lol. Amazing what WhatsApp and other such free messengers can do to you.

I gotta start stop texting while walking lol. :P
Who knew the inability to spell a 4-letter word correctly would make a boring video so popular. Congrats! 
Wouldn't that be scary!! 😱
Squeaky bum time !! !
Well he is very smart!!
The bear should have ate him
Don't drunk beer whilst texting.
А говорят в России медведи по улицам ходят...
there was something wrong with the bear, usually they can't resist chasing things that run away,

that guy should have been eaten
he should always bear in mind whats ahead of him
When I read the caption, I wondered what the big deal was about some guy walking into a beer xD And then I glanced at the bear.
guy walks into a beer Nick?
Tell me about it. The smart thing would be to try twisting it's arm.
Yesterday I cracked open a bear.
show that bear whos boss and go wammmm!!!! f**k yeah
Zat person is lucky he wasnt lunch 4 the bear
now, who said cell phones are not dangerous?! :^D
Well I bet he won't text and walk anymore lol 
Left as much of an impression as your book entitled "I live in the future and here's how it works": none at all. Thanks for wasting an additional 32 seconds of my life. 
Ya think he's had to many beers already.I'm gonna go have another bear.
Old Native American, First Nations, Latino saying: "When you encounter a bear in the woods, there are two surprises: you have one and the bear has the other!"
Lol.. Its jus a lill wee black bear .
The bear might just get lost in the neighborhood and want to borrow his cellphone! 
Everything on here about this is saying beer instead of bear!
Migue E
Yeah guys get your grammar right... "Beer" is a drink, "Bear" is a furry killing machine
 I am walking to my beer while this video plays ...
Well I wouldn't mind walking into one,  beer that is... lol.. good one though
I actually thought he would hit the bear but he ran.
Jeh M
do you have a video of a person running over a barrel of bear? that would be cool.
Bear: "Hey I just met you..."
Guy: "Waaaaaaahhhhhhh! I hate that song!"
that's why texting and walking is not legal ;-)
Yes I've seen this one before but the beer mixed it up a bit....great comments! lmao!
he should be lucky that he alive . he should be shame  because text while walk look
Quality. I'll think twice before texting while walking.... Oops, just stepped in some @&£#.
Guy Texting: OMG WTF??? takes off running

Bear: Oh, don't worry it's ok, really it is. Hey! Where are you going?
And I was thinking: so what if a guy walks into a beer, a few bottles even, while texting? Hahaha! That beer's gonna have you sober in no time!
Imagine his horror walking into a party where everyone has a bear in one hand...
Walks into a beer? talk about luck!!!
Title should have read "guy almost walks into a bear" although good video all the same........ Thanks.
Bears are like bad ass dogs. if you eat bears you may as well eat your dog.
Wow, good thing that bear wasn't even a Tad hungrier, cause that fella was nearly spoon feeding himself to the bear!
Adam H
Moral of the story: Don't text and walk!
Before I watched the video, I seriously though (from the title) that the guy was going to walk into a "beer". Boy, was I let down lol!
I will never look at beer the same way again!! 
Never seen a beer just wander by itself come here beer I'm thirsty lol;-)
A. Bea
Beer or bear???
Must update status
"Totally getting chased by a bear lol ahhgki32##%$"
A. Bea
Yeah, I think so too…
Bear necessity! Lol... run for your life dude! ;-))
oh bear oh bear, u shld b more carefool
I bet he most probably shit himself. Lol
Lucky, I wish I would walk into a "beer" while texting...
Bear wana a bear to chill
Dylan g
shit dude that looks like a fierce beer. wonder whos gonna drink it
He's obviously an alcoholic. He was going to the AA meeting and  that's the reason he runs away when he saw the BEER. Ha
This was jus an obvious not funny type o. I repeat, not funny
oh, a BEAR. A Beer would be good too. 
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