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Guy pretends he's a celebrity in a random mall and girls go crazy, security guards arrive, chaos...
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What a cool social experiment! This made very clear Celebrity is a strange phenomenon.
I want to know how they started the whole thing!
Gotta love perceived value! Fantastic! I just gave a talk about this to my toastmaster's club, and someone said they are going to bring girls to do this when they go out-- I have to share this with them.
If people are this gullible, we're doomed...
That's McArthur Mall in my hometown of Norfolk, VA :)
Do we really need to do this to show how people go crazy for celebs? There's plenty of examples of this without setting people up.

On the other hand, they made their point, if this was done on the up and up. Look at old Beatles videos - has anything really changed?

What will be ironic is the guy pretending to be the celeb eventually turns into a celeb for the stunt. Hey, he's the celeb who pretended to be a real celeb. Facepalm.
Thom Cox
Only in America!
The fact that it can be faked that easily just shows how unimportant it really is.
Thom Cox
People give celebrities to much status, yet let the American soldier or Marine walk by, and they could care less. It's really a shame.
Troll of the Year!
+Christa Laser nailed it - perceived value
Proof of the mindless cult of personality that society has fallen victim to. It is funny as hell though!
LOL. Good laugh.uh.what's this for? a case study or something?
LOL shows how dumb people are for obsessing over celebrities like they're not regular people..
wow... i wonder what i could do if i actually tried this... I've thought about it a few times before.
hehe.It's worse here in the Philippines Mr. Thom Cox. There are alarmingly a great number of politician-celebrities here. And it seems like Filipinos are just proud of their performers and celebrities rather than being proud of their inventors, scientist, and intellectuals. BTW, I am a Filipino myself, and it sucks being aware of the situation and not doing anything about it.
Rtg Cel
follow the sheeple
lmfao - priceless!!!!
More than one expert on human behavior has said that you can get exactly what you want every time, if you behave in a certain way. People that walk into a place and behave like they own the place have an air about them that tells every one, these people have money, and every one scrambles to help. When they leave there is a one dollar tip and they drive away in their rusted hatch back.
Of course a small escort and then the mall security escort helped lend to the believability of the event, even if, nothing was happening at all. No one knew any better.
"People give celebrities to much status, yet let the American soldier or Marine walk by, and they could care less. It's really a shame."

What about the lowly dishwasher, trash man, oil field hand, network administrator, web designer, waitress, gas station attendant, grocery store clerk, regional jet pilot, electrician, plumber, roofer, carpenter, welder, pipe fitter, programmer, lifeguard, bus driver, cafeteria lady, painter, civil engineer, landscaper, maid, mechanic, line cook, teacher, stay-at-home-mom, etc., etc.?

We are all in this together, brother. No one is special..
the ending makes me think of barney from how I met your mother
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Lol! Can't believe he actually got a date from this
Damn they got punk'd. I wonder how all those people feel now.
You're only as popular as people think you are
How did I not think of this? I am an idiot.
How gullible are people?? LOL
Who cares if someone is popular x.x Meh...
When I was single and went clubbing, my mate used to tell me to "walk around like you own the place". He had perfected this quite well and would quite often have a small entourage. It was very entertaining to watch, we'd have a good laugh afterwards.
girls need something to believe in...even if its not real.
Vernon T
Wow. Our generation is messed up
What's funny is he could probably go back to that mall the next week and no one would remember him. Unfortunately, with over 600,000 views at this point, he's probably going to become a real celebrity. Reminds me of that line in A Knight's Tale where William Thatcher (Heath Ledger) asks Roland (Mark Addy) how royalty became royalty. He said "They took it at the point of a sword". Not that this guy took it at a sword point, but he did create his own celebrity, then shared his experience...thus creating a celebrity status. I say way to go!
not surprised....must have been fun though.....
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
I've got a buddy who looks just like Johnny Depp and does a killer Captain Jack Sparrow costume that gets the same reaction.
Classic...yet sad......but all in all, funny as hell!
Thank you Thomas I know how to get a woman now no more stalking for me I just need to rent security and a mall - ball on basket
I don't get it and I never have...on the occasions I have been in the proximity of someone "famous" I have been polite enough to ignore them and in their company I have treated them the same as I would anyone else...Even with people that I really admire, I have never asked (nor desired) an autograph nor have I ever wanted to track someone down to their hotel or home...
Hi Zac
Fucking sloots!
Brilliant way to show the cult of celebrity in USA. In Europe, he would be totally ignored. He may be contacted by Thomas Elliott, a bit , small performance actor who acted in "Remember The Titans", and who'll ask him why he chose that name.
omg thats lynhaven mall! i live a 20 min. drive from there!!!! lol!
I wish I was a talented Kim Kardashian, the entire cast of Jersey Shore and Thomas Elliot.
Funny how everyone is saying what mall it is ..... and only one person is right so far +Carter Gibson . Oh and Claire, its not Lynhaven. The "Celeb" is pulling out of MacArthur Center mall onto Montecello Ave.
I swear, teen girls SCREAM at everything
This is sad... and worrying. It definitely shows the level of low self-steem some people have and to which extent they are capable of believing anything as longs as it makes them feel better overall. What is even worse is the fact that it makes me wonder what they are willing to do in order to achieve a celebrity status just like the people they admire so much have it.
Awesome…I always wanted to do that and you proved it works…not the getting the booty part though, that’s dangerous.
Humans have not evolved. We have been devolving! Funny but sad at the same time.
Monkeys are laughing at us
Hey I used to go to that mall all the time that's crazy. in Norfolk, VA
Why are we so impressionable......?
I just read through all the comments and it’s amazing how divergent the opinions are… to the people who are pissed at this experiment…why?
that is just retarded lol funny as hell though... people get soo star struck
LMAO security guard was working for that tip! Taking photos and everything lol.
Hah! I did that at the airport several times when I was in my late teens, early twenties..... A bunch of us would go and after awhile I was signing autographs for people I didn't know.
What has this world come to????
Leo T
Yeah, by LYING about who he is! What kind of BS is this? They same kind that got Bernie Madoff rich and all the other people who take pleasure in misleading others. Get a life you fucking losers.
How to make people think you're a celebrity? Tell them you're a celebrity. lol
That's funny. it goes to show not all people knows all celebrities
lol this is awesome Leo needs to quit being a pouting, contrary bitch. Thomas Elliot is a BAMF.
wow...I totally wouldve done that
Funny experiment.
all you need is fame/money. then they will love you.
Someday I will do this in the MOA
Jo Mead
lol that is so funny! i am totally gonna randomly do that now!
Wow, the mere projection of celebrity is enough to evoke an emotional response.
at 1:35 he's got a train of hoes, that's down.
I really don't know how to feel about this. The guy wasn't doing anything bad, but...
Who's Thomas Elliot? Did he went to Merriville in this video?
People are so gullible #Fail of the day
That's great. How does one even begin to do this?
Wew... Crazy man.... Hahahaha
Alpha male worship maybe. in some areas a mall is like a town of drones, one person that stands above the rest will get followed, stalked
and stared at, think you will get the same reaction if he had on a chicken suit. "Maybe not the date". well
Good to great to Awesome! that can be done and replicated as a great Tactical Marketing Effort
girls....get a life.....Now this is what we do......FOLLOW THE CROWD.
I should try that....dress like a celebrity and fool people. Looks like fun :P JK
Jo Ru
i can't believe that it was that easy to make people think that he was a celebrity!! i got to do that some time!! =D
Hmm! It's the "Age of Pretenders". sorry!
His target was too easy: Richmond, VA.
Never under estimate the stupidity of
This is funny but still not as sidesplitting hilarious as the GOP campaign(s).
I love it. Smart. Easy to manipulate the system if you got the balls.
People have no sense anymore. They will follow someone off a bridge, I'm sure!
people are so gullible. Its kind of funny how people will think you are actually a real celebrity, although they have never heard your name before.
Fucking. Hilarious. (And yes, I know the mall well)
LOL people will believe anyone
That has got to be the best Trolling in the history of mankind.
Now he'll be famous for being that guy who did the fake celebrity video.
And you wonder why Justin Bieber or the Jonas Brothers are that popular .
lmfao hmm so there is beer goggles.... so does that make this money goggles?
if people think someone is popular and wealthy people love them?
lmfao yes being star struck is one out of many dumb things humans do
That is one of the best social experiments I have ever seen.
What is really cool, is that there are probably biological things going on that make the women actually interested in the guy. This kind of stuff really works, and we are all susceptible to it.
I remember kidd kraddick did this at the dallas galeria. He had someone pretend to be Robert Pattinson
That was AWESOME!!!! Kind of what political parties do with there candidates.
Gah dumb girls making the whole female population look bad!
u need to have another experiment where the actor is a girl, and see if this time it's the guys who go crazy..
that is freakin funny!! i bet that dude was happy!!
The average teenage white girl ( most blonds ) believes 80% of gossip and what she hears from others. Also jumping to conclusions is quite a habit in the human society. ^_^
Nice now hes name is out there lol
hysteria, everyone can get caught up in it, it's pretty cool though this social experiment
Similar thing has happened to me and my wife once. Before we got married we had a really nice photo session (in usual clothes). Harley Davidson on the walking streets of Old City of Gdańsk, two photographers with blends, lamps etc. People watched and some took photos of us just in case we were some celebrities :)
Why would you care.... You don't know him ... Fame does not make a person
Wow That Was Lame Lol How Can Women Be So.Stupid Lol Nieve Creatures We R Lol
This is just absolutely hilarious, we use to pretend to be NHL hockey players to get into the Verizon Center to meet the Capitals players during practices and other events. The security guards are as gullable as anyone else.
LOL! And yet, at the same time, another sad example of how so many people are simply sheep now days....
That's awesome - amazing how easy it is to move people in group think mode. Thanks for sharing.
Haha thanks for the post it was so funny and also the guy in Brisbane
"What the Thinker thinks, the Prover proves." - Robert Anton Wilson
And I'm suppose to believe we put a man on the moon..... LOL, We have a sad future ahead.
I got into an argument with my girl about stuff like this. I stated that a society can succeed without the influence of money but she said "those who do more should get rewarded better." Personally everybody does something that is just as important as another!
Now that's a good idea...
Most Everything in life has a grading scale. It just so happens that in our tyme money is what defines our grading scale. So no use in arguing with a zombie. ;-)
Truly hilarious! (Yet somewhat disturbing...)
why would it be illegal...? He's not assuming anyone else's identity.
I like how people can go on twitter and crap to ask who is using their phones but can't take the time to google him.
+Mark Ivanov I don't think so, no law against pretending you were in a movie; he never pretended to be someone else specifically. They did toss around some trademarks in the film, so there may be some problem there if the trademark owners (the studios) decide to take action, but if he didn't make any money on it the worst they can do is make him take it down.
Oh what a world we live in. Why are actors idolised over all others. They are essentially the parrots of the human world.
I read about an experiment like this in Martin Lindstrom's "Buyology." I guess someone must have decided to try it out. Sad how easy it is to make a've just got to look and act like one!

I guess it just goes to show, perception is everything.

...that, and people are sheep. ;)
Boy people sure are easily fooled.
Well... that fooled em~
I should try that one day
I didn't know becoming Celebrity is that easy
Great job!
You can see how blinded and slow minded most people are.
Can't believe its easy to fool people so well!
Lord, now I understand why Justin Beiber became a celebrity. Our society is screwed...
Not that funny by the way, know what s so funny?the introduction!!!!!!!!
At least real sheep produce wool.
Picking up chicks like a boss!!!
People can be sooo disappointing. I'm thinking about giving up on democracy.
Nav H.
reminds me of apple users.
Democracy didn't let you down john. Don't give up on it.
Its so funny how women turn groupies just cause they think he is a celeb yet they dont even know who the hell he is smh.
And now, he's an internet celebrity. (Anyone remember "Chocolate Rain"?)
3 minutes? no way...
That's probably why I gave up on FB and clung to G+. People here are downright funny. Most of the comments have made me laugh. And they do make sense.
My god! All you have to do to pull in clicks like that is get your face in a movie! I am becoming an actor! :D
The irony here might be Thomas might end up a Internet Celeb from this so the people getting their photo with him might have just been forward thinking. Lol!
and within 26seconds it had finished playing and showed nothing more that girls getting hugs, so what now ?
he is the boss ...
Now that is fun ;-) My friend's wife looks like Elle McPhereson - I wonder if we should take her on a trip to Victoria's Secret LOL
This is a good example of the power of context and how it changes perception
Just shows how gulleble some of us are and how the cult of celeb seems to pevade every aspect of life , very funny class wind up, fab idea let have more of it
I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
indeed it's all about perception!!
Wanna get drinks

No, how' bout breakfast tomorrow?
i couldn't take a clear look at his face, but the way he dressed and acted reminded me of Jake Gyllenhaal. he was indeed charming.. ;)
maybe Hollywood will discover him now - fun little prank - shows how gullible we are
Derk JJ
Maybe he's the ridiculously photogenic guy.
Now there's a handful of moms in Virginia thinking, "I let some random dude hold my kid for a picture?" Hilarious!
i have to try this. But im not so sure the Irish would have the same reaction. :-(
i wonder who came up with that idea
Got to try this next time me and my pals venture to the pubs in town...
G. Wall
Just shows you how stupid and gullible the public are. What's a celebrity anyway?
I hope he nailed that chick and then told her he's just a normal guy.....with aids.
A celebrity - a well known person that you don't really know.
hardly chaos !!!!! its like that when i go to the cleveland centre
our economy is closely linked with 'market & consumer'. To reach the
consumer an end product can not unless used effective tools to lure
the customer.

One of the tool is advertisement. Corporates are the most beneficiaries.

If you need a market, sell your product,
you don't need to find a market in reality,
find a brand ambassador instead & the rest is assured.

So,let us understand the creation of 'celebrity' and who
creates celebrity now.

Unless modern manifestations are discovered, this phenomenon will
continue to baffle almost all countries especially market economy
based capitalist Europe in the coming decades without any doubt.
Brilliant and unique way to get a date! ha ha ha
^^^^^ @ Grace K... obviously you don't comprehend what a social experiment is.. and probably have your ego hurt from falling for some similar silly display that makes Average people believe WHATEVER is put IN Front of Them... Good Work THOMAS!!! I'll be lookin for YOU at a Theater Near ME!!!!
Ha ha ha, this is epic. I remember something similar happening to me with a group of Japanese tourists about ten years ago, who apparently mistook me for some celebrity and started going mad and taking lots of pics - of course I never told them ;)
He got "game" ain't that a bitch :-)
Omg I did the same thing and we ( my uncle and I )
Hired fake reporters and acted like I was famous !:D
It was awesome!!!!
Translate all are sheep...baaaa. Freaking genius!
Bahaha just a crowd of sluts followin him around hahaha
Then these girls/lemmings grow up to vote. The TV tells them that a man is fit to be The President and they believe that too. I won't even get into all the other lies that US citizens believe. No more stupid than these girls for sure...
Chan Li
I cant understand girls acting like this
Liu C
LOL I wanted to try this with my friends once, but it's too crazy that we gave up the idea. Now I wish we weren't, it's hilarious!
all those people on their phones and none of them bother to look him up on google?!?!
It's impressive how much people in general&these girls present in this mall in this particular "event"are superficial&easily conducted...
I'm not surprised with this so low level of perspicacity U could find in people these days that the world is going down in all the fields of life.
Gratifying anything or anyone without any judgment,jumping into false conclusions..etc.
Lucky that this junk didn't make a false hold-up with a fake gun to seem more funny?!!
This clearly shows what is wrong with people today. So sad.
Cool experiment! Guess is not so hard to replicate.
Proves how many people really like Justin Beber...
Some ppl are just plain dumb. Fun video tho.
How to become a celebrity - just be one... (Hey Thomas)!
THATS why they say blonde girls r brilliant
respect, its a crazy world, and if u think for a while, u might do stuff no one will ever think of...
I wonder if he went on that date, and if he would tell her the truth. I want to see the look on her face. Hell, he practically punk'd a mall.
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