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Looks OK. I don't think I'll miss any of the original cast except Sharon Stone.
I remember watching the original total recall movie that had Arnold Schwarzenegger playing in it, I wonder how this version is like.
I love that you're not above "amazingpants" (and you're right)
Rob Go
I second your amazingpants and add an awesomeballs.
Looks good! Haven't seen the original yet.
That looks SHIT at best, all flash and no heart. Original is far superior.
No Mars scenes here. Diff than the orig. Good. Hate redundancy.
Last few seconds, bottom left corner - Original Film. I don't think so.
schwarzenegger cameo?
they made this movie in the same building i work in
Why remake a classic?? Actually, the trailer looks kinda good. I hope they don't remake the Running Man, or Wizard of Oz, or something...
I saw those white plastic troops alive last summer at Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto, where they were shooting the movie:)
"Quaid! Start the reactor!"
says the slime baby that lives in some dudes chest cavity
Ive got 5 kids to feed! Be a shame if that not in the remake he he
i've never wanted to see a movie more in my life
Is there a mind in Hollywood containing a single original thought? Just asking.
Maybe Colin Farrell finally did something worth watching...
So apparently they don't go to Mars in this remake... That alone means it won't be as good as the original. sigh

- "What do you feed that thing?"
- "Blondes!"
With Michael Bay producing a reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, we should be thankful that they're stopping where they are.
does this happen in the future or something like that?
Total Recall was a total comedy. This looks too sleek and serious.
That trailer makes me wish I had three hands, baby!
too bad neither this one or the original followed the book pretty much at all. Although this one looks better than the first, the only thing classic about the first was how incredibly bad it was.
My god enough with the remakes and sequels. Create something NEW!
i like that amazingpants.has a nice ring to it dont you think
So am I correct in assuming that there is no trip to mars at all in the remake? If that's the case then WTF
Nice, can't wait to see it on the big screen!
It IS Amazingpants! Thanks for sharing!
hmmm i just cant imagine it without Arnold Schwarzenegger, looks good though
Why they shot a scene with violence in front of a Buddha Statue .... No other religion has stressed the importance of non violence and tolerance than Buddhism. Something to think people ...
I generally want to be a peaceful man .. But when I'm forced to defend my self .. I ' ll FORGIVE YOU ... (I'll not rip off your hands bro .. That's what Lord Buddha has taught ..) take care ..
Chan Li
Cant wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It looks excellent, I will wait to see the fight between these two great actresses looks good, hope you have good arguments and can become a trilogy, good actors, good trailer, excellent. Bye, from Guatemala...
Holy crap!!!! that was pretty good - still like the original one!
Yes.. but that see excellent remake....
Get ur ass back to mars! wait i didnt see anything about mars.. Still looks cool though i guess :)
This looks kick ass. Three of my favorites playing in it too. :)
What's with the praise? This looks abominable!
This movie is mad i am going to watch it soon
can;t wait the date
Wonder if arm old will make a guest appearance
I totally want to see that and what do you mean bye your RECALL EXPERIENCE
amazing... well looking forward too
Will be interesting to compare with the old one
Mik M
Can't wait to see this....excellent work look wicked!!
Dick is god! Probably the movie will be awful, though... Just remembering what they did to Asimov's...
Originally i didn't think that this was going to be much, but after watching the trailer I can wait.

Looks like they have kept the underlying story but updated all of the tech. I hope that the film is as good as the trailer makes out!
Looking forward to this - gona be wicked! (i hope - got a legendary shoe to fill)
what is the point of remaining a still current film? I know that it is 22 year old but I think most people still have the story line fresh in their minds so I really would not pay to see this remake... even with all the new special effects.
Looks cool, though it seems hard to top the original. I wonder if they will pull anything in from the series (Total Recall 2070)?
well i guess the good news is i have not seen the original. looks like an awesome film though!!
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