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This is an older article, but I just found it. So hilarious!

Foul language warning!
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Man, I remember first reading this article... so freaking hilarious and spot on.

I do have to say that there is a soft-spot for the cheesy movie "Hackers" though. It's so awesomely campy and filled with goofy characters. Not to mention (awesomely HOT, short-hair rocking, pre-"mother of the world's babies", BA, AJ) Angelina Jolie's character Kate Libbie (AKA "Acidburn") made my 14 years old self consider whether or not I wanted to have children at some point during my life.
Whenever I have a ton of work to do for a CS class I let those close to me know that I won't be able to hang out because I'll be too busy "hacking the Gibson." Now excuse me while I go put on my Captian Kirk costume, strap on my roller blades, put on my shades, and attempt to get to "Level 10" of Price of Persia so that I can access those hidden files. If only I had a couple of more people to type on my keyboard with me...
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