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Nicholas Zasowski
Never chase girls, chase dreams first
Never chase girls, chase dreams first

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Posting for the Among the Sleep giveaway! Great job you all are doing at Gohst Volta.

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"Their general response to the new Google+ design was: 'We like the old profile better.'"

Very interesting and against the popular opinion. I don't use the network enough to have an opinion yet.
I sat down to dinner tonight with a lovely group of very talented designers from all corners of the tech world -- Facebook, Instagram, etc -- and picked their brain a bit about the new Google+ experience (along with other equally nerdy things like favorite Internet browsers and why, etc etc).

Their general response to the new Google+ design was: "We like the old profile better."

I argued that the new UI might simply take a while to get used to (as all brand new experiences do), and everyone sort of nodded their head in agreement. But meh. Thought it might be interesting to share.

Do you agree? Do you like the old Google+ better, or are you digging the new design?

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Interested in sneaking a peek at my resume or Linkedin profile? (I hope so, it's for an assignment and I need some clicks to track analytics!) Thank you

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Possibly my favorite of the three I've done so far

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Really excited about this one, turn your speakers up loud and enjoy the music!

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Check out my first (of hopefully many) mixes on 8tracks

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First order of business: please tell me you know what this is from Shirt Folder - How to Fold a Shirt - Flip Fold

I'm going to start using this more (I believe this is the third time I've said that!)

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oh goodie
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