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Technology innovation isn't about giving people what they want but what they don't know they need.
Technology innovation isn't about giving people what they want but what they don't know they need.


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Gave a Lightning Talk at work about Radical Candor, the concept and the book. Radical Candor is an idea I think everyone should consider and I am starting to incorporate in my life. Check it out and let me know what you learned.

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I just realized I setup an L1Cache and an L2Cache for my toilet paper a month ago... Backup roll in the bathrooms, handful in hall closet and the rest in basement. Nice!!

Reading an interesting book called Algorithms to Live By, great for everyone, even better for computer science folks. Made me realize an optimization I did in life naturally and need to do more of purposefully.

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Silicon Prairie News picked up a talk that a colleague of mine and I are giving at Heartland Developer Conference next month. Kathy did a great job with the interview.

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People at my work are awesome. Part time cleaning help is out for the week at work. We were told to cleanup after ourselves this week. These were the responses the company wide email received, reply-all:
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Presentation Complete. Thanks everyone for coming. Slides at
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I am here, no going back now. Wish me luck.
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Yep, dart is still one of the soundest technical option. People have gotten confused with typescript and angular 2. Reminder: angular picked at script. Typescript just adopted all of at script to confuse the market.
Here's the interview we promised earlier this week. We talked with Joshy Joseph, the primary tech lead on the new AdWords UI.


> So a couple of years ago, when we were starting to think about building a new version of AdWords with much improved UI and performance, we took a fresh look at the tech stack. We wanted to use the opportunity to upgrade to a modern infrastructure that will serve us well for the next 7+ years.

But do read the whole article and tell us what you think or what you'd like to read next.

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Did you know you could stylize the image not found default ugliness?? Me either.

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I love pointing poker, this spin off for who decisions go to is intriguing. What are your thoughts?
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