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You know what bugs me about reactions to Apple events? "Mueh the DickPad had it first so it's better mueh."

Like, I don't give a shit that you had it first on your DickPad. I don't own a DickPad. I own this. And I'm excited because THIS gets what YOU have. And that makes me happy. You should be happy that I get what you have too. So shut the fuck up.

"Star Wars: The Clone Wars" is coming to Netflix this Friday. For the three of you who follow me and may be interested in seeing "The Lost Missions", here is a list of episodes that serve as a quick way to get through the series with the necessary information to make sense of the later stories. 

Star Wars: The Clone Wars film - introduce setting, Ahsoka and Asajj Ventress

Season One
1 - Ambush - introduce King Katuunko's relationship with Yoda and Dooku
5 - Rookies - introduce clone troopers Fives, Echo, Hevy, Droidbait and Cutup
9 - Cloak of Darkness - another story with Asajj and Ahsoka
10 - Lair of Grievous - insight for General Grievous
11 - Dooku Captured - introduce Hondo Onaka
12 - The Gungan General - establish Hondo's relationship with the Jedi
13 - Jedi Crash - another philosophical conflict
14 - Defenders of Peace - a good episode
15 - Trespass - a good one-off story
19 - Storm Over Ryloth - show Ahsoka's growth as a commander
20 - Innocents of Ryloth - a good story focused on two clones

Season Two
4 - Senate Spy - introduce Senator Rush Clovis
5 - Landing at Point Rain - a good war combat episode
6 - Weapons Factory - introduce Ahsoka's relationship with Bariss Offee
11 - Lightsaber Lost - one-off Ahsoka episode
12 - The Mandalore Plot - introduce Mandalore and the Death Watch
13 - Voyage of Temptation - establish Obi-Wan's relationship with Duchess Satine
17 - Bounty Hunters - continuing relationship with pirates
20 - Death Trap - introduce Boba Fett
21 - R2 Come Home - continue Boba Fett arc
22 - Lethal Trackdown - end this Boba Fett arc

Season Three
1 - Clone Cadets - Domino Squad origin story
2 - ARC Troopers - continue Fives and Echo's story from "Rookies"
9 - Hunt for Ziro - introduce Hutt council
10 - Heroes on Both Sides - introduce Lux Bonteri
12 - Nightsisters - introduce Nightsisters
13 - Monster - introduce Savage Oppress
14 - Witches of the Mist - conclude this arc
15 - Overlords - introduce Mortis, Force ghosts and address the prophecy of the Chosen One
16 - Altar of Mortis - continue this arc
17 - Ghosts of Mortis - conclude this arc
18 - The Citadel - introduce Tarkin
19 - Counterattack - continue this arc
20 - Citadel Rescue - conclude this arc

Season Four
7 - Darkness on Umbara - introduce General Krell
8 - The General - continue arc
9 - Plan of Dissent - continue arc
10 - Carnage of Krell - conclude arc
14 - A Friend in Need - continue Ahsoka and Lux Bonteri's relationship
19 - Massacre - resolve conflict between Dooku and Talzin
20 - Bounty - establish Ventress's new identity
21 - Brothers - continue Savage's story
22 - Revenge - introduce Maul

Season Five
13 - Tresspass - continue Maul story
14 - Eminence - continue Maul/Death Watch story
15 - Shades of Reason - continue Mandalore story
16 - The Lawless - conclude story arc
17 - Sabotage - introduce new Ahsoka story arc
18 - The Jedi Who Knew Too Much - continue story arc
19 - To Catch a Jedi - continue story arc
20 - The Wrong Jedi - conclude story arc

I skipped a few story arcs dealing with the bounty hunter Cad Bane  and a few others, but this should give a streamlined story to get through the series and to the really good episodes at the end that require knowledge of lots of characters to understand. 

Today: gift wrapping, cleaning, reorganizing social networks, and writing some emails. 

Upland, California

Time for X-Mas shopping. Woot...

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Ever since Amazon updated it's App Store app a few weeks back, something very annoying happens and we have an emailer to All About Android confirming that it's not just me.

If I've downloaded an app from the Android Market that I also have on my Amazon App Store account, the Amazon App Store will want to update the Android Market APK. There's no way to dismiss it for good, it will always see SwiftKey X in my app drawer and think that IT should be the one to update it.

For fun, I hit Install to see if the Amazon App Store version of SwiftKey X would overwrite the Android Market version. In the end, it didn't work saying "SwiftKey X was found on this device but it is not associated with your account. Remove and install the version?"

...OK, so... It doesn't automatically make changes which is nice. But if I choose NOT to remove and install the Amazon version, there's still no way to remove SwiftKey X from Amazon's watch list on my phone.

Anyone else experience this? Know a way around it?

So my girlfriend got me a massive bag of Swedish Fish. I've held on for long enough; tonight that thing is getting torn open...violently.

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I'm not willing to go w/out Hulu for the moment, but it's a matter of time before this happens...

Tonight's project: reorganize ALL of my email from my GMail account, redoing ALL labels and going through each individual message and recategorizing/purging. 500+ messages to go...
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