Minecraft (like it is supposed to be.)

I like minecraft. But I found something that I like even more: one particular server innocently called "Miner Apocalypse"

Vanilla minecraft is great, you get to explore, build stuff, and have a  good time. But it gets boring. Playing online is a crapshoot and is typically a cluster of mindless pvp, or the server is too small (or whitelisted) to be any real fun.

Miner Apocalypse is different. The mods that they use changes the structure of the game just enough to make the apocalyptic feel legitimate. These small touches change the entire dynamic of the game to one that encourages communities.


Witness Empires Rise and Fall.

At first it feels like a single player game when you start out, often needing to travel thousands of blocks before you meet someone. Along the way you run into the ruins of people's creations and forts, all the while feeling paranoid that the next person you see will be your killer. 5000x5000 sounds small, but it is more than enough to have a server of 130 slots feel like a ghost town.

Due to the random spawning on death (unless you have a bed), players aren't all clustered around the spawn and so it becomes necessary to explore to find other players. Local chat and sneak-by-default means that you could be 5 feet away and not even know it.  Random malicious griefing is at a minimum because spawning in the middle of nowhere is boring to those who just want to burn everything.

In MinerAp, the real threat are the groups of players who gang up and start raiding parties. Cities naturally form as players group up to defend themselves. There are no faction or towny style mods on this server either, its all spontaneous and emergent. What social rules that do exist, they are all player driven, with alliances and friendships rising and falling as the server churns. 

The players run the gamut of hardcore pvp, griefing factions, creative builders, explorers, and even more role-playing factions like the OHM or the Company.

 Everything is fair game in an apocalypse.


Experience the Feeling of Loneliness

The first time I played, I didn't see anybody for ~6 hours, and died twice due to lack of food. It was fun just exploring all the things everybody had made (and abandoned), always thinking that some new friend (or enemy) was just around the corner. Then I found a melon farm at origin (the official name of the 0,0 coordinate, the only coordinate you are allowed to say in public) and set up a bed. Little did I know that origin is the PVP capital of the server. Good times.


Experience the Feeling of Community.

After the recent map reset, I set about founding my own town and attracted a pretty sizeable following and took things more serious. Later I met some of the in-game factions and more popular people on the server. Within a week I had diamond armor, and one of my townsmen found a dual-spawner and we started farming.

Then my little town got big enough that we had someone showing up to defend it against random griefing. He had been protecting my town! He was doing a great job, even almost killing me not knowing I was the founder.  

One of our more problematic lone raiders actually became a member and created a pretty awesome little fort on our outskirts. This was after an epic battle where he eventually was surrounded: http://imgur.com/a/yz4uB

The persistent and freeform feel makes this server all about the culture and community of players. Every one of the admins, while they have their moments, are all in it for the community. My experiences on this server have been some of the best gaming moments I've had in a long time.


What Will You Do?

In Miner Apocalypse hell is actually freezing over! Just the other day I was walking through the Nether and I stumbled on an area where everything was covered in snow... even the lava falling from the ceiling had been changed to ice blocks.  It has been slowly growing by some unnamed player. 

Even the greifing is taken to a whole other level: http://www.reddit.com/r/minerapocalypse/comments/119kd8/what_on_earth_just_happened/

Personally, my wife and I are on a crusade to dye all the sheep purple. This Red Menace must stop!

I'm looking forward to more experiences and seeing what else this crazy and vibrant community comes up with.  


Build it, and They Will Come.

Come Join us and make a name for yourself!  

Maybe we can meet up in game join my township: http://www.reddit.com/r/minerapocalypse/comments/11mfyl/town_crier_soragaudin_has_been_growing_and_griefed/

Or join any of the dozens of factions and cities that scatter the landscape.


Three Things to Remember:

 * Don't walk around in diamond unless you are looking for a fight.
 * Build things knowing that nothing lasts in the apocalypse.
 * The Inspector Leaves Melons.

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