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Arizona Photography Circle 3.5 to Share and Add to! Please ADD a friend in the comments and Please Share this - G+ is all about sharing (there are now 423 Members) Some do not live full time in AZ. If you already borrowed it then add it to the SAME circle. (Curated by +Nicholas Pappagallo Jr )
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+Nicholas Pappagallo Jr , Please add me to this circle. I live in Missouri but I do a lot of photography in Arizona and Utah! The canyonlands are about my favorite place on the planet! Thanks very much!!
I will share this. :-) I have a 2nd home in AZ and photography quite a bit of the SW. May I join?
Special note to the AZ members - I curate a Photo Theme on Wednesdays - #WildWestWednesday Make sure to post your cool western pics every Wednesday and tag it!
Thank you +Margaret Tompkins  I live in #Williams   So anyone needing to stop on the way to the #GrandCanyon or wanting to get out of the heat!  Let's connect!  Pretty please put me in the circle we live in Williams full time. 
+Carra Riley you have been added! On the next update you will see a lot of new followers, be sure to share your az photogs with me too! Glad you are enjoying the theme!
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