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Do You Know You Too Can Be An Importer From Your Home?

Its a normal believe around the world most especially in Nigeria that one needs millions of Naira to become an Importer.
For those who dont know yet, here is an opportunity to tap into this lucrative business called Importation.

How Much Do I Need If I Dont Need All The Millions? :

Its as easy as this... You need as little as you can afford. Thanks to China. I personally started this business with as little as 10,000 Naira importing Weavons.
You can delve into this business with huge capitals if you can afford it but this article is mainly to guide the small start up entrepreneurs who dont know which lucrative business to invest in without having to break the bank.
There are lists of websites today that brings product manufacturers in China together in one place to display their products to the world. So buying from these manufactures directly cuts down the price awesomely.

CHINA? What About Shipping Cost?

The good news is this. There are special ways to make a manufacturer ship your goods to your country with no extra cost. And also there are manufacturers who do free shipping as their promotional offer to certain customers in specific countries. The truth is Nigeria is one of those countries.

How Then Do I Start?

I will give out one of those sites here but there are so many more of them. Log on to DH Gate and sign up with them for free. First you must know what you want to shop in order to prevent confusion. Sites like this could be confusing sometimes as they have almost everything you can think of in display. If you are not properly disciplined you could get your self confused. So I strongly advise you go for the category of things you intend to shop and get it done with.

Wont I Be Scammed?

You cant be scammed if you are on the right site and follow the almighty formula of Online Shopping. I have done this for quite sometime now and I have never had issues of online scam. I have had issues of wrong items sent to me but in such case my money was returned back to me and the items returned. Thanks to Escrow system.

How to make Candles

How to produce Candles is one frequent question I receive from prospective entrepreneurs recently, and this is because Candle Production industry is fast becoming a great source of income for smart investors whether on a small, medium or large scale.

To learn how to produce candles is very easy and fun for those that loves craft. I am sure you don’t know candle making is a craft on its own, but I won’t be discussing that on here. We would discuss further on that in my next post “Candle Making As A Craft”

To produce candles in an economy like Nigeria, you are surely in the right business direction; as the epileptic power supply in this great black nation is unarguably becoming a trend. Statistics shows it that in every street in Nigeria a minimum of two candle stick is been burnt daily. You solve the math yourself and figure out the number of Candles consumed in Nigeria daily.

How to produce candles in Nigeria must really interest you if you are still reading, so I won’t waste any more of your time. I will just go into practical details on how to produce candles (Pillar Candles) that are widely sold in Nigeria market. Let us do a quick review on materials needed to produce Candles (Pillar Candles).
Paraffin Wax
Stearic Acid
Paraffin Oil
Oil base Color (Optional)
Scent/Perfume (Optional)
Melting Pot (2pots needed to safely melt your wax)
Burner (Stove, Cooking gas, or Hot plate)
Packing nylon
Pour Cup
Candle Machine (Mold)

Paraffin Wax is a white and odorless solid matter, gotten from petroleum, coal or oil shale. It is solid at room temperature and begins to melt above approximately 37 °C. And this is the main chemical, which enables the candle to congeal when cold. Its boiling point is 370 °C. Please take note of its p’s (boiling point, melting point and pour point) as its very important. But there are well tested time frame formula that can guide you around all the p’s without the use of a thermometer. I won’t be able to discuss that on here.

STEARIC ACID is a saturated fatty acid which occurs naturally in cocoa and shea butters. It is a waxy solid that serves as an hardener to your candle. Strearic acid helps your candle burn more slowly.

Paraffin Oil is a white, colorless, tasteless, and odorless solid substance that consists of a mixture of hydrocarbon which is also obtained from petroleum. This oil is used to shine your candles and also it lubricates your molds.

Oil Base Color: When producing white candles you wouldn’t be needing colors, which is why I said it is optional. These colors must be oil based, if you desire to get a perfect colored candle that wont cloak, smoke or drip when burning.

Perfume/Scent: This is used to provide a pleasant smell to your candles while burning them. There are a variety of Perfumes in the market. I usually try out 2 or 3 mixtures of perfume to get a unique finished product, which keeps my product unique from my competitors.

Wick: This is the braided cotton found at the top of a candle, which holds the flame of a candle. This plays a very important role in the burning of a candle.

Melting Pot can be anything that you can used to melt your wax. In the image above, I indicated 2pots. This is because when you use the double boiler method, you are guaranteed safety. Paraffin wax, like we discussed earlier is made from petroleum and has the tendency to flame up without notice if melted with a direct heat, and this can ruin your kitchen/workplace. I am sure you don’t want to lose your kitchen or even your beautiful face.

Turner can be anything that allows you turn your mixture adequately while boiling.

Burner can be your stove, cooking gas, or hot plate(Recommended).

Carton and Nylon is basically for packing your finished products.

Thermometer is used to measure the temperature of your wax, in other to ascertain your 3p’s.

Pour cup as the name implies is used to pour your hot wax into your candle molds. Never use plastic cups as the heat from your boiling wax could melt it. Aluminum cups recommended.

Candle Machine: This is the only expensive material in your new candle business. It is used to mold your candle and comes in different shapes to give you different candle designs. We produce this machines for N1,000 per hole(Galvanized pipes).

How To Produce Candles
First set up your work place. This can be your kitchen, sitting room, garage, or back yard. Where ever you decide to use please make sure you set it up properly to prevent wax messing up everywhere. All you need to do is simply get old cartons or sacks and lay them all over your work place.

Get your stove, cooking gas or electric hot plate ready. Please make sure your fire is not too high. It’s not good to boil your mixtures with high heat.

Place your first pot half filled with water. (Wait to boil)
While waiting for the water to boil, try cutting your paraffin wax into small chunks.

Place the second smaller empty pot inside the bigger pot containing your boiling water.

Pour in 5kg of Stearic acid, (For the purpose of this tutorial, we would be producing 5kg of Paraffin wax) and stir.

After some calculated time, pour in your shredded paraffin wax, and stir.

After melting your paraffin wax, add your paraffin oil and keep stirring. Please don’t over pour paraffin oil to your mixture to prevent having a very soft candle. Paraffin oil is used with paraffin wax in the production of Vaseline. Paraffin oil is a softener for paraffin wax. I bet you don’t want your mixture turning into Vaseline.

If you are producing white candles then you are ready to pour your wax into the molds, but if you are producing colored candles then add your color in bits and stir until you get your desired color.

Before now your mold should have been set already. I will produce a video sooner to show you how to fix up your wick. If the video isn't posted before you need it, you can visit our training ground for a one on one comprehensive practical training. Contact an admin for our office address.(

After pouring your wax for the first time, keep refilling the holes over and over until there is no air bubble any more. Candle wax tends to reduce when pouring due to air bubble. And it shouldn't take more than 20minutes to congeal if your machine has a water tank inbuilt.

Once your candle is congealed, simply roll up your candle by whining the handle of the machine to pull out candles.

Pick out your candles, and place them on a tray.

Ready to pack and hit the market!
Nicholas Lawrence Onumara

NB: Candle business is indeed lucrative. We have been into this business for 2years and I must tell you we have made 400% profit in the last 2years. You can start small as we started but first you must find your market target so you know what type of candle you want to produce. You can contact Just in thyme ventures on 08076211111, 08076311111, 08076411111 or 08132884087 for your one on one seminar on how to make candles from your home.

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Affordable Candle Training In Nigeria

We give you an affordable training and a mouth watering bonus! Can you imagine a Candle training that comes with a free handout containing 20 low capital intensive businesses?

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Identify the Right Business for You.
Give yourself permission to explore. Be willing to look at different facets of yourself (your personality, social styles, age) and listen to your intuition. We tend to ignore intuition even though deep down we often know the truth. Ask yourself "What gives me energy even when I'm tired?"
How do you know what business is "right" for you? There are three common approaches to entrepreneurship:
* Do What You Know: Have you been laid off or want a change? Look at work you have done for others in the past and think about how you could package those skills and offer them as your own services or products.
* Do What Others Do: Learn about other businesses that interest you. Once you have identified a business you like, emulate it.
* Solve a Common Problem: Is there a gap in the market? Is there a service or product you would like to bring to market? (Note: This is the highest-risk of the three approaches.) If you choose to do this, make sure that you become a student and gain knowledge first before you spend any money.

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If you want to start a business but don't know where to start, don't worry--you are not alone. In fact, given the new economic reality of our time, more people than ever before have found the "job" they thought was waiting for them doesn't exist. Others have come to the conclusion that they would rather create work they love, constructed to fit with their own life goals. No matter what the motivation is to be your own boss, you can start today by training with Just in thyme ventures and allowing us follow your business.
Contact us via
PHONE: 08076211111

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Here is a List of Things you need & don't need to start recharge card printing Business in Nigeria.
1. You need a computer (it must not necessarily be your own; you can use that of a business center or cyber cafe)
2. Recharge card printing software and manual for N7,000 to N10,000
3. A Printer
4. connection to the internet, (NOT NEEDED)
5. Recharge voucher pins from the dealer.
6. Business capital from N10,000 upward.
You do not have to be a computer literate to set up your own recharge card printing business in Nigeria. The difference between the rich and the poor is that the rich arm themselves with information and then take action.
Contact Just In Thyme ventures today for your training


In Nigeria? Yes, Candle production is a great business to invest in. It doesn't require you to break a bank (its low capital intensive) as its materials are in-expensive. The materials needed for Candle Production are PARAFFIN WAX(N1600 per slab) PARAFFIN OIL (N250 per liter) one liter can last you for months. STEARIC ACID (N260 per kilo) WICK i.e thread (N100 per bundle) One bundle can be used for almost 3 slabs. Believe me these are the major materials the rest can be found in your kitchen lol. Apart from its materials being inexpensive, candles are widely used in Nigeria for Lighting and prayers. I don't see this product fading off the market for as long as people Pray and the countries power supply remains epileptic. I am talking to you as one who has experience in this business and still running the business. Why Am I Not Guiding This Business So The Sector Doesn't Get So Crowded: Just In Thyme Venture was born out of Passion to help Nigerians become their own boss. Instead of waiting on the government for a job that never comes, you can create a job for yourself and become an employer. Candles are highly consumed in Nigeria with millions of candles burnt everyday the market is still very open as we hardly have candle producers in Nigeria. You will agree with me that 96% of candles used here in Nigeria are Imported. So smart and young entrepreneurs here is your chance to get your share of the cake. Contact Just In Thyme Ventures for your trainings and Candle making machine (Molds). 08076211111 08076311111 08076411111 08132884087

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Exportation In Nigeria:
This opportunity is massive, not only for those already in the export business, but even for new comers. In this article, you will discover hints on how to earn N600,000 monthly without spending a dime, how big Investors can now earn regular income through aggregated export service and eliminate costly commissions. Also, Internet savvy Nigerians can now get export contracts online and sell the contract for millions of naira; additionally, there is opportunity for geologists and agric graduates to get automatic employment and earn extra income; so too, there is opportunity to supply Nigeria minerals and agro-products to Chinese who have started arriving in Nigeria. And then the big one, simply gather a trip of commodity from any location in Nigeria and get paid N150,000 on the spot. Starting an Export Business money is not the most important thing; you need to have the knowledge and the right idea and the market needed. There is promise to assist any Nigerian with the right will power. What you need to succeed are: Integrity, Honesty and Diligence. A lot of Nigerians are operating a highly lucrative home-based export company and they are making a steady income of between N50,000 and N500,000 monthly, regularly, with no capital investment, no risk and at their spare time. The profit from the first transaction can be ploughed back and an investor will be able to build up his capital base. Anyone into the export business can work with a lot of Nigerians living in UK to identify the right product in the Nigerian market, because they know the market and the terrain and get regular requests from such Nigerians from time to time. 
Export Mentoring Services: This is the type of service given to Nigerians who know next to nothing about export and don't have enough money but with small contract, you can then grow big to execute bigger contracts. Export and Value Chain: Export has a value chain; you need to plan your export, then you need to get a buyer who is called contract source. The next step is to source for the product followed by the logistics process and documentation, before you eventually ship the products. Aggregated Export Service: The aggregated export service providers are professional bankers, oil and gas professionals and retirees; some of these people have funds and they want to go into the lucrative export market. If they subscribe to these services, the bills will go to this category of people every month on the available export contract. If there is any they are interested in, they contribute and they have a return. How Nigerians, Especially Graduates, Can Benefit From Export Without Spending A Dime There are jobs for this category of people especially during the season of exportable products in the northern parts of the country. There is also promise by the proprietor to pay them up to N150,000 per trailer. If you are living in the north or you are a youth corps member in the north, you can go to Jigawa State, go to Babadu or Megatere market; there is also a market between Birnin Kudu and Gwaram and in most major commodity markets in the north and elsewhere, you can meet any of the sellers of sesame seed that live in these towns and tell them that you need a large quantity of sesame seed A bag of sesame seed is about 80kg to 100kg. All you need to do is to arrange the truck as well as people that will load, and negotiate with the driver. You will need to calculate all the expenses, e.g. a truck load will carry 30 metric tonnes; if a truck will collect N240,000 divided by 30 this is N8,000 per tonne. The product itself is N12,000 per bag that is N120,000 per tonne plus N8,000 that is N128,000, loading is for about N2,000, taxes on the road; that is N2,000 to N3,000; export fee is about N3,000. The total will be N135,000, and the same product cost is N150,000 in Lagos. There are companies ready to pay any interested Nigerian or university graduate or youth corps members as much as N5,000 per tones which amounts to (N5,000 per 30 metric tons) N150,000 per truck. So any interested Nigerian can travel to the north to explore this opportunity. The more truck you load, the more money you make. If you can load as many as four trucks in a month, you can make as much as N600,000 without spending a dime. The beauty of this opportunity is that you may decide to work for other exporters in the country because you are adding value by providing supportive services to exporters who are ready to pay you so far as you can help them source for some of these products locally and arrange for trucks that will bring these goods to Lagos. Products like ginger, garlic, cashew nuts and so on are some of the products involved in this project, and these companies are ready to dish out this contract to interested Nigerians who are ready to source for theses product anywhere in the north. 

How To Make Dollars Getting Export Contract Online: Can you browse the Internet very well? Can you chat online? If yes I want to congratulate you because these companies are ready to help Nigerians who are Internet literate. All you need to do is to get a buyer online; they are even ready to make sure that they give you all the necessary support to make you succeed as an online export broker. Now is the time to act. A lot of Nigerians are channeling their Internet education by engaging themselves in dubious transactions; this is an opportunity to start earning genuine and legitimate money online. You don’t need to go through PayPal to collect your money, but you collect your money in cash. There are so many online trade sites; you can even join them for free. All you need to do is to submit our name, the picture of the product, your phone number, the product specification, price and e-mail, address; you will get regular requests in your mail box from a lot of importers, the most important thing is to understand the language in international trade and make sure you do not over price. If you were able to seal the contract,these companies will take over from there, and you are entitled to 10% to 20% of the profit. You will get 80% when they get the Letter of Credit (LC) while the 20% balance will be paid at the completion of the transaction. 
Note: This business in not a get-rich-quick opportunity and you don't need to give anybody money to do the business while you go to bed and sleep lazily. You can contact Just In Thyme Ventures on 08076211111, 08076311111, 08076411111 or 08132884087 for details.

How to produce candle is very easy than you think.
Candles are one of the most popular household items in Nigerian home mainly for lighting, it could be used for decorations and other purposes. Candle is also used for festivals and anniversaries.
Whichever way candle is used, it's always a great product that sells fast at all time. The profit is always there and process of making candle is quite simple. Through candle making, you would be able to establish a business of your own and make extra stream of income.
Candle production in Nigeria is one of the most lucrative business you can ever get involved with for those of you who have the "I can do attitude" burning in them.
You will also help people solve problem of lighting in Nigeria which has become a major problem over the years. You will never run out of customers to supply to, since the product is in high demand.

Materials for producing Candles are inexpensive thereby making it possible for average person who have the knowledge to invest in the business as heavy start up capital is not needed - just moderate investment.

If you can start and increase you production with time, you could become employer of labor! Needless to say that Candle making is one of the businesses that has the potential to take you places.

As you are planning to venture into candle making business, I would suggest you engage in our almost free seminars to have a better understanding of what is involved before you jump into it.

For an ongoing promo we train you on any of these 20 businesses, to name a few IMPORTATION,CANDLE PRODUCTION,SOAP PRODUCTION,BODY CREAM PRODUCTION,EXPORTATION OF AGRO ALLIED PRODUCTS,PRINTING OF RECHARGE CARDS etc. for just #10000.
You only get to choose just one out of the 20 businesses during our seminar and we train you on it and you go home with an easy handout containing the entire 20 businesses.
Am I hearing a WOW!
Then, contact Just In Thyme Ventures on 08076211111, 08076311111, 08076411111 or 08132884087.

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