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Since I have been using communities for a while now, I've thought that you should be able to share a new community you have made with the public or with extended circles. What do you guys think?
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I'm wondering what their reason is for not having done so already.
+Rich Perez Exactly. My community doesn't relate to many people in my circles, so I don't really have a purpose for sharing it unless I copy the link.
That's exactly the issue I seem to be having. How can you get active participants in the community if you can't get it to the public?
+Rich Perez Yeah, also if you try to tell people to pass the community on, they might, or they might not. SOmetimes that ends up in a situation where the community updates slowly and not often.
Precisely, +Nicholas Lucchetto, and we can only do so much. I created a community for sharing your community; it's the most I can do. It's not a good model for creating flourishing communities.
+Rich Perez Personally, I think it's a brilliant idea to add communities, but it can still be improved. Hopefully during the new year Google will tweak communities a little bit.
Yeah communities is a great idea, but the way they're implementing it needs to be improved. It's not bad; it's pretty good. I'm just being picky. I want "excellent" lol.
+Nicholas Lucchetto, I feel a bit silly right now. If you go to your community, there is an actions button (as you surely know). In the drop-down menu, there is a share community option. Whoops. It's not the greatest, but it's something.
+Nicholas Lucchetto You should definitely be able to "Share" your community via the Actions menu to Public or Extended Circles. You might have chosen "Invite" instead of "Share". Alternatively, you can also paste in the URL of your community, and the sharebox should be able to handle the rest. :)
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