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Good for President Obama for calling this Georgetown student after Rush Limbaugh denounced her as a "slut" and "prostitute" -- for supporting the contraception mandate. Contraception is good public health policy, and the only depravity I see here is in Limbaugh's appalling commentary.
President Obama called a Georgetown law student to thank her for backing the administration's birth-control policy, even as Democrats engaged in a war of words with Rush Limbaugh.
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We have to stop these over-reaching right wingnut maniacs.
The admitted drug addict Limbaugh?
So after calling others Teabaggers and Terrorists they are upset about a person being called a Slut. Why can't we all just stop.
Seems like advertisers are taking notice and pulling their ads (thanks to +Andy Mauer for the link)..Rush made a career, not because of his political opinions. Those are irrelevant. His clout is due to his worth as a product pitch man. When he pitches a product, you really believe that he believes in it. In that regard, he's peerles. And with out his advertisers, he's not much more than a loudmouthed, misogynist A-hole. Nobody going to listen to you Rush, when yer show runs out of money.
Obama is giving Rush ammunition. They are both polemicists, Obama and Rush. And they are both getting what they want....attention.

The President should have better things to do than respond to petty controversy such as this.
Étienne de La Boétie -What Rush said to this young lady was not petty. No where, no how were those words petty. I am not a fan of Obama or the Republicans, but she needed to be lifted up after such an attack of her character and her family. I will commend Obama for his response.
I could care less. People get insulted all the time. He is the President. Why not try and stop Israel from dragging the US into another war? Nope. He's building some random chicks self esteem after she had already been in the public spotlight.

Why doesn't Obama call Snookie and lift her self esteem? She gets insulted a lot right?
Some people are missing the point here and are taking this out of context. This is more than a simple case of bullying. This is part of a right-wing movement to take away women from the conversation on women's health.
I wonder what Rush would have to say about Newt Gingrich...
"Israel dragging the US into another war" I don't think so..Its all been about money. Still is.
Snookie asks to be insulted - she made herself a public figure on a reality TV series playing a slut! It's her job. This other young lady was attacked for reasoned statements made as a private citizen, with character slurs that are actionable as defamation and libel. There's no comparison, +Étienne de La Boétie, as I'm sure you were aware and were simply being disingenuous. Rush Lamebog is a cretin and I hope she sues his ass from here to Sunday.
That's our President: an Officeholder and a Gentleman.
I'm not being disingenuous. This is PR for Rush and Obama and you know it. How do you fight back against attention whores? Ignore them.
Right, so how would I go about ignoring you, Etienne?
Look people, this here explains what is happening - I have scratched my head over just what the hell is going on...this makes perfect sense:

I keep posting this, but i see its premise being played out in all of this ... full frontal attack all out war on the part of the crazy right...they are being surrounded, out they let it all hang out and go for the jugular...
Looks like somebody leaving comments is taking after Rush by hurling insults for attention, as opposed to using intellect to argue their points in a mature manor. It's not surprising to see these people defend disgusting comments from disgusting people.
Étienne de La Boétie, I think President Obama has time to phone a woman who was attacked by this horses ass limbaugh. AND I am fairly sure he is giving a lot of attention to Israel, attempting to drag the US in to another war. He can do both.
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