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My column notes that right wing TV and radio actually end up hurting the Republican Party, by sometimes imprisoning it in a delusional cocoon and impeding outreach.Your thoughts?
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Anything less than well-informed is damaging in the long run, both to parties and to the nation.
I agree.  AND I believe it continues to further polarize the country by deepening the more extreme beliefs of those who continue to follow.  These programs leave no room for debate or concession of any issues.  The quasi-religious nature of some of these programs is really scary.
Republicans are going to have to adapt. They are running out of angry white people. 
Yeah, I'm looking down the bench for both teams and I'm not seeing anyone ready and willing for 2016.
They are seriously delusional, as you could see by their reactions to the election results as they came in.
There is a divide between these who want answers, who are curious vs those who want answers, who are more interested in compliance. The information people need to make good decisions is there but it threatens their worldview and status within the tribe. Authoritarians are not going to ask questions, they will wait for answers. See climate change as an example. 
In recent times, Ford, Carter, and Bush I were one-term presidents. Reagan, Clinton, and Bush II were elected twice. I don't think you could argue from a 50% incidence that "an incumbent rarely loses," +Shaker Cherukuri.
I don't think that the Republicans can adapt. I don't think it is in their DNA. I'd much rather see the Republican party as we know it dissolve and allow the Democratic party to split into more conservative and liberal parties. It's the only way to remove the extreme right-wing from the American system. 
Yet Republican governors are doing quite well. The House is controlled by Republicans. People should be concerned Democrats are devastating California through one party rule and the impact it has nationally. 
Both parties suck. The Republicans just had tons more stupid leaking out of their mouths than the Democrats did this cycle. There was some seriously stupid things said by Republicans on women's health issues, the economy, all sorts of subjects. Just enough of the populace was tired of the lies and the deceit and the stupidity and didn't buy the fake message. The remainder bought into it by the results. That is the scary part.
Seems that while there is still a lot of vitriol from some on right, the mobs of accounts that were recently created on social media have gone quiet. I always assumed there were a lot of fake accounts. Perhaps that contributed to the GOPs skewed numbers.
+Bodhipaksa Dharmacari Over the past 60 years:
Ike: two terms
JFK: we know what happened there
LBJ: declined to run
Nixon: two terms/resigned
Carter: one
Reagan: two
Bush pére: one
Clinton: two
Bush fils: two
Obama: two

Of those ten, they're split. I would argue that incumbency has advantages, as we see in congress with no artificial term limits (you think Reagan wouldn't have been urged to run again?). Go back another 20 years and find the only president elected four times.

Of the heads on Mt Rushmore, three were two term presidents though TR was only elected once. 
I think +Christopher Westcott has it right. Authoritarians can't adapt: adaptation requires flexibility, a suppleness of mind that isn't part of that mindset. 
+Nicholas Kristof I think you're spot on with radio and TV impeding the republican party from becoming a more moderate party full of popular ideas.  When the candidates are afraid to challenge the Tea Party extremists, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, and others you know something is wrong.  

I think we will see one of two outcomes over the next four years; either the republican party reevaluates itself and ditches some of its outdated social issues, or they will keep doing what they are doing, eek out a win in 2016 and then loose the following elections, loosing both the house and senate as a result of latching onto these outdated ideas.

I'm hopeful for the first, but I don't really expect to see that happen.  I expect to see more of the same, hopefully at the very least their continued losses will allow the democrats to rebuild the social reforms the republicans have destroyed since Reagan.  We'll see...
Teevee and radio aren't analytical media. Unlike a print article, you can't re-listen to a passage or stop the program to ponder the argument. Do you read the newspaper while driving or painting the spare room? Not usually, but you might save the radio or teevee on. Maybe it's not that we have a lot of low-information voters but that a lot of people gravitate to low-information media.
Sane Republicans would do well just to ditch the wing-nuts and start all over, with a new name, and identity. Same goes for the progressives and environmentalists vis-a-vis the Democratic party.
The so-called middle ground of US politics is still very right wing by the standards of western industrialised nations. The implosion of the Republican Party is perhaps inevitable as the drift to the right means that to push further right becomes more obviously untenable. 
Your point makes sense, but only because that party's some opponents are wrongly judging the party on the basis of its followers' or  sympathizers' words or behavior, rather than the party's policies or accomplishments.
I couldn't agree more.  This highlights the mix between politics and entertainment, which should be kept separate.  Right wing radio and TV are vehicles of entertainment designed to make money, and the crazier the things said by those talking heads, the more money the stations and hosts make.  Unfortunately, the GOP has taken those wacky views and tried to make them policy at their own detriment.
I am disgusted by some of the extremely intolerant and offensive things that those shows say. Republicans have had four years of shifting to the right, and it may take more than that to shift back.
All I know is that when you have a cockroach under your heel you better press down until you hear a crunch and then sometimes you see the remains crawl away.
Agree, but it's also making the Democrats more isolated because they cant' talk to the Republicans. Republican governors are doing well because of #gerrymandering. Obama got high popular vote (according to others).
+paul beard Anybody in doubt of that is invited to visit Singapore, which the Chinese explicitly based their new political model on. And we see how open and democratic <em>that</em> is, yes?
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