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This is a good and important read.
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Yup. Unfortunately, this is very true. Most Indian men do not know women. They just see them at home or outside. They hardly know them or understand what it's like to be a woman in India.
there has been a long spate of  recent events  that  have been really brutal against women in India, I wonder why  they dont just revolt against these attrocities...and  just refuse to marry lecherous, violent and morally bankrupt indian men. I am one of them, and i am ashamed of being a part of this bad bunch
Bill Gu
I guess that's why it's the biggest democracy, but not the best. India's democracy probably is "developing" in parallel with its economic development and social development. It takes time. Hopefully this incident will be a milestone for the Indian people to continuously move towards a better democracy
Don't they also have some caste system as well?
India's democracy, in my opinion, has got not much to do with how women are treated in India (may be it does too). I would say that it is actually a cultural thing. As you might be aware, in our country (India) from ancient times, people were following traditions that men would be working and women would be at home and it's women's job to take care of the household. It is unfortunate but the fact is, those ancient senseless traditions are still followed in India or at least have strong implications on Indian society. 

because, even the most educated and elite men in India don't respect and treat women equally in any field, even though they might appear as though they treat everyone equally.

Caste system is one more factor which is to be considered. By the way, whatever I said above it applies even to lower caste people and not just women. If a woman is of lower caste, then she is more unfortunate than any one in Indian society.

Many in the western world believe that India's problems are because of it's population but in fact it is because of many other factors like what I mentioned above. 

You might want to read this book called "India Express: The Future of the New Superpower"

It has an interesting chapter on demographics of India describing how women are so significant in Indian society and how they are ignored. 
+Nicholas Kristof Every country have its pros & cros from this incident  you don't blame that whole india is not safe for the women. in America its aslo happen such type of cases. i aslo shoking about this incident i aslo feel that that girl would be get a justice.
problem comes from uneven comparison.. every nation has their own problems which by time it will be overcomed. India has its own problems. After independence, only the real growth of india started. within just 60 years, with largest diversity and population it is progressing. if one just compare the incidences like this alone, they will miss the point. there are many women chief ministers. One of the powerful prime ministers of india is Indira Gandhi, a women etc. of course this type of brutality never be justified by any means. Women are getting good education. in my own state (tamilnadu) every year girls paasing percentage is always higher than boys in higher secondary. More girls are getting literacy and jobs equally or more compared to boys. anyway full liberation is not yet acheived. but it is very near.
Women are getting educated,  they are taking up jobs and are becoming self dependent...though thats not the problem here. The problem is what is happening to the Indian males, how are they turning into savages??  When did they start losing all respect for compatriot females and treat them like toys for their pleasure? If they were like this all along,  then what is causing the rise of such shameful incidents now, have they lost all fear of Law and social shame.  Its very discomforting that we are all riled up here at the unfair comparision of India but ready to overlook the real issues.
Sharon M
I have seen attacks like this in the US. Why would it surprise me that it doesn't happen in other countries! But I have a friend on her from Chennai India and he post the most beautiful pictures of his country and tells me wonderful history stories and stories of their family life. He never speaks bad of his country!
I don't know what I'm more disgusted by that 18 guys who did this to her, the pathetic reaction time by the police (45 mins), that fact that police initially made no attempts at arrest, the weak ass compensation or the fact that nobody did anything and they all just watched. My faith in humanity down
sad and true!!! and cannot deny it even though i am an indian!! I feel insecure for my girlfriend, sister, mother and i know the country has not been sensitive to this issue!!!
Reminds me of Israel's religious women, the separated busses and so on. I'm always so amazed that this is the year 2012 and some of our behavior looks the same as 1012 or 0012. 2000 years of stagnation, disgusting!!!
+Govind Ramakrishnan i agree with you... there is no doubt in punishing those culprits..but is this incidence is suffice to question indian democracy or mentality?.. if one questions that, i think then other sources needs to be considered.. we are not modern as well as we are not ancient.. we are in a transition state..
I'm totally agree with padma indu.... Being a indian i am so proud and luckiest person...
+Padma Indu "In June, a father beheaded his 20-year-old daughter with a sword in a village in Rajasthan, western India, parading her bleeding head around as a warning to other young women who might fall in love with a lower-caste boy."

Ask the bleeding head how it feels about the other 1000 good incidents.

The first step in eradication of a problem is, accepting the problem, and not whiff off the cultural crimes.
The problem in India is not that such disgusting events happen. The problem is the broken judiciary systwm which lets the criminals get away. Even in this case most of the guys accused will get away with little or no penalty.
india is one trrible state of the world  
Even I am proud to be a citizen of a great nation, India.
But, now all we need is not just being proud of ourselves or of our dear country... All we need is to be safe and secure.., n also peacefully live our lives with some due self respect, and that which comes out only with the deeds that are done by us, the people of our country. 
As mentioned by Padma Indu, that, "If 1000 good incidents happen, no one cares, but one bad among thousand.., only that matters" It is true because we don't want to leave any bad n grave issue to be just left behind..., we want a proper action and justice to be taken in its regard. We want a complete eradication of such brutal things around us. We... each one of us have to bring a change, by not just crying out that its bad but also see to it n ensure that such incidents would not repeat atleast in our midst n in our presence.
And... Ronak Badheka, Its not culture of India to be blamed coz, its few filthy people in India (but not all) who have been and behaved culture-less.... Kindly mind your speech atleast on social networking sites.
How can you say that India is trrible???
Mr. Saifi Gujjar said that....India is terrible///
this kind of act show! that still we'll need millions of years to be civilized.
I m proud to be an India... Ya its true dat here al dis hapns bt cn u say dat ur country is als totally safe dis all things nt happn der ....
If any such incident happens, there would be a knee jerk reaction and  more moral policing imposed on women !! 

The problem is that in India women's role is limited to 'Wife, Sister, Mother, Daughter and Whore' .. there is no other role ..  
it really is all ..... pity. I follow concerned with the development of women in india.
India is great but more than 90% Indians, laws of India and ministers are more worst than the greatness of India.
The poor don't get proper education. They are not taught about manners. They grow up by seeing movies where there is only violence, rape. Teasing a girl is heroic according to many movies in India. There no wonder why the rogues looked back the camera and continue assaulting. God save my country. So tell me guys how you grew up. Who teach you manners? Your school or Parents? Or the government? What do you suggest for Indian parents and teachers.
yea bad for a democratic country
shame on those bastards..being a girl i must say that those men should be hanged and raped by the girls in the same way they do. then only they will feel the pain.
Tin Bui
The sad part of this is every single one of those jerks were bored by a woman.
As an Indian, however outrageous the article might seem to be, I accept this verdict with a humble understanding but with utter shame. It's a pity of course for a country which declares itself as the world's largest democracy to be labelled as something like this. It's degrading. This is not a trivia of sorts that we can just mention and then move on the next subject.
But what i belive indian women are more stronger than indian men
+Nisar Ahmed ..because of the aforementioned situation. It simply becomes a necessity to be stronger. Such experiences will definitely bring in tremendous maturity to one's character.
Sal PN
It is the culture needs to be changed. For that people awareness, participation and political will should be there. Watch for more issues recently highlighted by one of India's best actor and activist. All these are tip of an iceberg.
+Sal PN I feel our culture is one of richest ever, which in my opinion shouldn't be changed. But it must evolve with the times. And I feel that can only happen if we can change our attitude, especially about sex. Our country deals poorly about this issue. Every rule, every law, every right and wrong surrounding this issue is a complete mess. It's like a restricted area; restricted to bathrooms and bedrooms. Can you remember the last time or the first time you had a healthy talk about this? If I am to be honest, I must say we Indians are illiterate about sex. If I am to be blatant, sex to us is all about catching breasts and thighs, videotaping women without consent etc. seprate issue...its Man's force to do stupid thing...very shameful
firstly,there is lack of maturity in most indian boys as they somwhere somehow belives that the society will rarely support women and secondly women tends to be weak when it comes to fight alone. 
The whole issue boils down to the core of Indian cultural conservativeness, which, like most other socially backward nations means women are next to livestock in hierarchy. Ironically, in the ancient times in India women had prominent roles in historical events, but, since then we've become a culture that calls social conservativeness as progressive. As a result women in society are limited to being housewives and/ or uneducated unskilled labor. The same tradition is being passed on from generation to generation. This conservativeness also gives rise to enormous curiosity in the young and sexually active population which in turn drives events like this one when combined with aggression and frustration. It is customary for a man and a woman to be virgins before marriage and although most lie about their sexual activeness their exposure to the opposite sex is limited thereby creating a curiosity based frustration amongst youth. India is slowly learning to accept the fact that women cannot remain in the kitchen or home and have the country progress at the same time. However, this line of thought it just about arriving in the urban centers of the country. You have to remember that by per capita GDP we are still one of the poorest countries in the world and a majority of our population consists of village/ rural uneducated folk. 
Wow great article with such shocking news. It is sad what is happening over there with woman. This article should certainly turn some heads.
Hi Nicholas,
u are absolutely right that prides itself on being the world's largest democracy is foolish until we are not able to stop all these incident...
..the indian goverment is to be change the law for these kind of one of the women says that we are adopting the western culture and that's why all these incident took place i will say to him that the Indian government should adopt the law as in western country for all these people....and the crime will reduce itself....and one more think is that in India everybody is afraid of media and this incident take place because of one reporter of local news channel.......
ok Pooja,
u are absolutely right but right now we are not comparing the incident in other country...i m saying that it should not happen in India as we are proud be Indian and proud for respecting women in India as we known for.....
It may be happening in other countries, but, let's start with accepting that we're the worst (I'm not saying it statistics are saying it). If we cannot accept it we cannot improve. Taking it personally only makes it worse. 
I do agree with Hemant. We all should try to change the scenario.
agree with u Pooja. just becose of few people no 1 can blame the whole country. if people can see this pic & only understands that whats happening, so let me inform u that its a INDIAN who took this pic & let others knew abut it, becose we rise our voice against such incidents & also see the that those who are responsible are punished & the whole country supports the girl becose we r united, we r 1 we r INDIANS, & proud to b an INDIAN
no country is perfect...we need to make it is ashamd f such doesnt mean v r ashamd f our country...v r proud 2 b stil v need to make sure such incidents doesnt happen in future...
this is nothing to do with nation , these kind of cheap people lives in every country, and to know a strict action has been taken against this shamefull act....
Renijith prasad u r absolutely correct that no country is perfect,we need to make it perfect.India is great, but people being to do such type stupid things do not happen..Indians have to realise to place our country at top in discipline and have to labelled best country.  
India gives lot of importance for woman in the daily walk of life. Rare incidence as above, which is projected by media, cannot downgrade India. The mother and wife are given the highest importance in any family in India.  Every country has all plus and minus. But rare incidences should not be attached the whole country.
Naveena u r rit...v need to lift up d spirits..nt discus n blame on wat hapnd...v need to thnk on future nt past bt v shud d past incidents in our mnd..
allover world INDIA be given the most power to the women..........we respect all the women plz
dear +Nicholas Kristof thanks for sharing it's really nice, But my dear friend you don't know every thing, one sentence "you or any one can't decided value of others" I proud i am INDIAN. I respect every one & every true INDIAN is respect every one. that kind of incident is happen every country ......... so you can't decide that INDIA has labelled the worst place.   
harassment of people happens 'everywhere' not only in india. Of course women possess less physical strength that doesnt mean they are special. after all everybody has blood in their veins....   nobody gives a sh**t if a man is beaten up but if that happens to a woman its the end of world!!!!.... lol
                           w  h y??
Don't blame India for this incident
It happens coz people are bad
Dont blame to the whole country for this!!
its not a shame???but how the woman leaders lived in our country>>>>>>>like indira gandhi<<<<<<<<its not a fault
By what you have commented it seems that how weak minded you are where when a weaker sex is being taken for a ride by so called "SAME BLODDED STRONG MEN"  I just ask you a question if youer little finger is hurt or bit by an ant what do you do you just leave it like that or you kill that ant which is causing you pain. that little finger is weak and your other part of the same hand is stronger. You dont give a ****** hen it pains. what shame on you being a fellow male  
All this type happen all country dont blame country for this. the BAD people do this. respect other country then only other will respect your country. so read before you POST anyting. 
dude, i am not saying women should  be   treated bad or they should always be one level below men.
if ur little finger OR the middle finger is hurt doesnt matter same blood flows and u use the SAME MEDICINE TO TREAT.
our hand remains strong when all the fingers are treated well. same thing applies in society. And one thing I DONT HAVE ANY
HIDDEN AGENDA HERE...... pls dont feel shamed........ lol
   -  to Syed Habeeb
I do not think at all big and important post you can find a women
if india is unsafe for women then almost every asian country is like the same
OH common people now we are going out of the context about the matter  even if it is india or any other country what has happened is a shame on human male race. WE NEED TO CONDEMN AND PAY HEED TO WHAT IS HAPPENING. WE NEED TO CHECK HOW STRONGLY  CAN WE PREVENT THIS HAPPEN AROUND US, IN FUTURE.
Nicholas some times it happened in India, But in your country Gundowns in theatres and class rooms regularly. why?
We have problems. A lot of them. But in a very long time India is witnessing an unprecedented movement to address many of these problems. Nothing makes it clearer than the guwahati molestation incident where there was a huge uproar and close to two dozen people are now behind bars. Yes, in my country, being a woman is challenging at best. But that is changing, and fast. 
lol i though usa is most unsafe for women
so if u had seen a video of women beating a man u would have said "what has happened is a shame on human FEMALE race"
   is that right....
i agree. but that kind of society is a dream.....
bad india bad.getting shame 
I think, somebody who dont know anything about India, should not comment on the nation like India. Our culture is still the Best in world except some incidents like these. It doesn't mean India is not good for Women. If you dont know about India then please see that India is only country where Women gets respect more than mens. Our president is Women. Before commenting on so big topics please check is it actually true or what?
if u say 'india' is bad. think about the state of other countries.
it is dut the difrent culture of so many community in india and lack of higher education.  
oh what a shame india...ur sis r being rape... and u r js watching.....wake up india wake smthing ...!!! it cud happen to anybody sis...
Let not the world and Indians in particular, see only that's bad in this country.  The bitter truth is almost all the countries in the world have their share of badness.  The USA for example; I had read statistics that a woman is raped every 2 minutes in that country.  Would it be fair to make judgement of that country based on this?
yae its right,as here illiterecy is matter n,in due  avery much importance to 1 particular person so much n which particular group of men is behind  him is try to make command on all sector n try making women to illiterate,n if hey r try to come over take help of physique in which men side is strong.  
Come on guys! india is not bad, it respects every races and people.On other hand also fears of loosing its basic culture which is cherised many centures, fear where people are attracted to the other outside cultures and loose its identity. I am feeling bad for the incident, but most of the modern who are educated are started neglecting the basic culture, its only because they are "educated". Education should be boon not bane! Here in India we respect the women most and treat them with utmost respect, it doesnt mean that they can take advantage of it. 

They can be independent, educate well and fullfill thier dreams, its they rights according to democracy, but on same hand they dont have right to supress most admirable Indian culture.

I agree the incident happened was worst and should not be treated like that. May the girl gets justice nad people who acted more cruel is punished. But this incident doesnot mean that India is bad. Remember India is heart of world. 
When women traded like property then they are treated as property. I have some friends in India but I was shocked to hear what they (most of them) think about marriage. Basically they understood that their family is looking for a wife, so they have to get married when they are 27 and they thought it will be a good thing because the family of their future wife will give them some gold.

And I was like f@ck you. :(
Thumbs down. You just can't say this, just bcoz of one incident.
Come to India and feel India.
Just see what Sharon Michanco has said above.
i think bad things will remember and some bad things impacts whole good things. India is new in uprising and need some corrective measure and Morals and ethics is best cure for this type of problems. 
even government rules and high education cannot stop this kind of acts... it is a matter of values have been taught individuals in early age  in their society starting by the family ending by the whole nation.
This values if it is not emerged from a strong beliefs, it will end up like an empty can on the sidewalk, ignored and deserted  
Nicholas Kristof i am not fully agreed with you, In America every day 1900 girls raped this figure is very high against india.
Sadly this is just the tip of the iceberg. As shocking as it sounds there is even more subtle female repression and abuse here. In marriage, in policing, at work, for choice of higher education. It is really sad, it is something my country does not want to talk about, except for the few that deny it and angrily shout at anyone who writes or talks about it. 
India is a perpetual melting pot.In a melting pot, you will find all kinds of things melting and this incident is one of them. For the women and their families who go through such incidents, there is little the system does,
Rest of us only pass armchair comments on such incidents.
None of us in Indians in the need of the minute will ever come forth and help such a woman/not even other women will come and help them except maybe the activists but they are always never near any such accident, always turn up post incidents.
The need of the hour is to force the law and order machinery to improve itself, and for the media to regulate itself for there is no one else who will do this. 
Had the TV journalist not been shooting this, maybe the girl would have been saved earlier, maybe people around thought that this was a movie being shot and so they remained in the sidelines.
Who has even questioned the TV cameraman? And is anyone even aware that hooligans join as TV cameramen and journalists these days because they have the clout in the local media circles?
There are women here who say they are proud of being in this culture, true, but such people are living a very superficial life, they have not seen the depths of misery this nation unleashes if you are unfortunate...
Let there be more light and education about what human values are.. then possibly the nation might think of a better citizenry!
That was a disturbing article! It's really sad that in 2012 women are still facing such discrimination, such disrespect and violence in India and elsewhere. There's such a long way to go still for women's rights!
I agree this is very unfortunate and its shame for people who indulge in this BUT you cant blame whole country. There have been many incidents in countries who claims to be most developed. Let me not tell you the countries where women remain in veil and is not more than a part of their harem and at least India is far better than those. Rowdiness and hoolinganism is part of all societies of world so do not blame whole country for such events.
"molestation" is an English word and it prevails everywhere in the world. According to the population of any country, if you count number of criminal offences against women, India is not at bottom and countries like USA, Latin American countries and even European countries come very near to the India in the list
As an Indian woman, I hate to agree to this article
This is what is "India shining" and "Proud of be Indian?" Ha! what crap!
A note: that girl was 15, she is still a kid, and that somehow makes it more horrible 
india is heaven for women.......but devils also live every corner of the earth.
Maybe, in Indea just men's accounted as human!!!
That is quite shocking. I know this isn't a prime example but look at the McAreavey murder in Mauritius. The husband was crying and all the policeman said to comfort him was "why Re you crying? You'll find another wife easily."

That was said maybe an hour aft his wife's death.
Listen,weng child born in this country parents engagement child forever,they don't give chance to child went b adult to take own decition this is slavery
above is the truth and also the truth is we have our last president as a women
Im sick of this westernization bull you keep spiting. Oh its are fault women in your culture are raped and groped. Why because they see somewhere were they dont have to be subservant and have rights. Well im fine with that. Democracy doesnt mean equality in india i guess. Dont blame us for your backward ways. A womens a prostitute if shes in a bar or the way she dresses. You have to have vaginal intercourse for it to be rape and then the cops blame her. Thats all on india dont try and put that trash on the U S.
I am from India. I am ashamed..
somehow this article makes me feel as if I live somewhere in Somalia or in a conservative middle eastern country.. which is not true. I guess there is a general consensus in India that conditions are not good for women and a culture of "what can I do" prevails, this has resulted in so many bystanders looking and shooting a video rather than stepping in and helping/ saving the poor girl and calling the police. It has to be acknowledged that India houses almost 1/7th of the world population, which includes almost the same proportion of nutcases too. Another point which has to be considered is that a large part of India is still developing and coming in terms with the modern world. This has brought India to a cross-road of traditional patriarchal thinking, which was prevalent in the past (and is still prevalent in large part of rural India) and modern liberal thinking (so don't be so smug, the western civilization has passed through this phase too). I thoroughly condemn the acts of such horrific nature, which have been highlighted by this news report. These have created a environment of fear and insecurity across the country for women of all ages. But at the same time I think it will be extremely foolish and naive to generalize a country of over 1.2 BILLION as a lawless and medieval land due to the acts of a few hundred psychopaths. India is a growing country, and as with each country, she has her issues and the issues will not disappear overnight, each citizen of India has to contribute towards her upliftment and development. 
We Indians have a habit of downplaying our good and making a fool outta ourselves.... It's a part of us, so we can't help ourselves !!
As I see its all because of the growth process. The way Indian Man grows is all responsible for it. WE are in some way or other responsible for it. 
JP Lang
I always thought India was more enlightened than that. Sad really, and disappointing, and just downright wrong.
Louis B
+DHRUPAD GUPTA W all due respect to her she only got to that position because of her influential husband. 
Ron D
Where the background on this picture? What is really happening?

India's biggest problem is it's patience towards things and acceptance to everything. People here take everything for granted. Just like light and darkness, good and bad exist everywhere. Unfortunately in countries like India people aren't educated enough to know what's actually happening to them and around them. However If they do manage to know , the crippled legal system, rotten political system and the corrupted police system make it worse for them to stand and fight for their rights. 

My fellow members, please don't abuse a country or a society or for that matter traditions or culture on the basis of incidents like this. We have been reading news from all over the world on incidents that are far worse and unimaginable. It happens every where and not in just India. If we do a little maths, the ratio of such incidents to the population we have, it's far less than many countries. So, please don't say India is the worst country .

Yes, I agree that we do have many problems just like other countries. But, they are different in their own ways
Well a lot in the comments is biased and one sided but that said I do not agree with meek defense in name of culture. There are multitude of factors that lead to this and least of that is to do with culture.

Let me clarify to those who flaunt culture as a way to justify some actions. India was probably one of the few societies (historically that is) where women enjoyed greater freedom. Far greater than many western societies where they were not even allowed to vote. To an extent that per culture they could choose their own life partners in ancient times. Things changed with invasions from mongols, turks and all. Then came the Parda system and deploration of women. Well invasions alone cannot be blamed things started going down before as well and epics like Mahabharta are an example where men tried to use power to try to control the other gender, but then India was no exception to things across the globe in those times.

Current situation is driven my multiple factors, first and foremost is a widening gender ration and an artifical wedge created between the two genders since childhood. Civic bodies are hand in glove. Most schools run by government (not all) are same gender schools as opposed to co-ed. Many parents do not feel comfortable with Co-ed schools. With so much exposure on Media and Parents feeling its a Taboo to even talk to children on sexuality compounds the problem. The more you try and suppress more likely are folks using means to uncover things.
Back to skewed sex ration. Situation is worse in some of the prosperous northern states, and driven primarily by a madening desire for a male offspring. One its the male who carries the family name forward (sic) and takes care of parents (given the poor state of social security infrastructure and thats hardly the case these days) and second off course is dowry. Dowry is one of ills hitting society the most, for even the most affluent put demands and expect huge dowry...there are communities in the country (its sic but thats how its) where marriage is more of a business affair than union of two. Its like an auction and who bids for the bride. Yes this is not in all communities, but dowry in any form is bad. What do we all educated folks do...still expect dowry. I have seen that from best of the educated engineers/doctors/MBAs....higher the degree more is the demand (sic).

We miss out on one key factor...its not something that is apparent for just women harassment its about everything we do as a society. We fail to recognize the fact that our limit ends when other person's nose begins. We lack basic social behavior and etiquette and that's when we consider ourselves very social. We do not and would highlight do not respect personal space. We intrude on public space and disregard presence of anyone. This disrespect of anything that is in public domain, our ability to typecast things with a narrow prism is what drives a large part of this. We are literate but horrible uneducated and lack civic sense. This lack of civic sense makes us intrude into other's space and take liberties when none is due. This is even more apparent when one just uses public transport in cities like Delhi to travel. (Unfortunately the people who matter do not care) Few places where you can see someone trying to take liberty to touch / grope in grab of crowd / lack of space and even when folks travel with their own families. The society tends to ignore and those who question are not supported by fellow humans (sic) and harassment from law enforcers is more for the victim than the offending party...cause the offender more or less will have some connection somewhere.
Yes its true news but this is not a fault of country as kalyan said dark and light both are parts of our life. This is the news that say about cruelty while in India at most places a women is devoted with most respect.  
Incidents like these happen every day in india.
Only a few make it to the media. Even worse things happen.
All we indians do is hide behind a rotting mask of culture and criticize instead of doing something.
I am indian and I know all this.
Big country, big problems and plenty of woes but we are one, crore's and crore's of WE are one....we are one! Yes, we are INDIA, we are Indians! 
F the people that treat women badly!! We may not be men but we do have our rights!!!!!
+Rohan Gupta and all other members, I think we are taken out of the actual context of the post. This post says - India is so bad for Women. Which is actually not. We all know we have so many problems and some or most of them are ridiculous and unbearable. But, is India really so bad for women ?? I don't think so. 
+Nicholas Kristof Right on spot. Sandeep Kumar= where is that place women are worshiped(did you mean this).Oscar Cielos= here is not one this wrong, but here are many wrongs at present in India.
It's so true...mostly because of culture !!!
Pramod Naik =My friend from UK recently wanted to visit India, and learn more about Bodhisattva, but cancelled on reading such reports in news, and I told reports are true.Shame.
There is so much more to my country than such incidents. Unfortunately, incidents like this are real & there is a growing sense amongst people to break some shackles. Unfortunately we are fighting too many monsters at a time (corruption, illiteracy, women's rights etc) & the response is mute :(
here not matter india is good or bad but we must be try to stop this type of activities...  
Here in India the most of best of lawbreakers  are lawmakers, and many of them are sitting in Indian Parliament, what would you expect when police salute to such. Ashame them by not paying attention. 
I agree with +Jennifer D Begg . India is one of many countries and unfortunately we can only talk about this. Is there something that we can do to stop things like this..? Yes there is something You start treating women with respect and teach your children and younger generation to respect them.
+Paulin Nduba India is horrible for women ( and ordinary men also), and not different for foreigners. Just hear how the Ministers and Police try to cover-ups.Bad Sad But unfortunately True.
Changing indisciplined &dirty thinking of india is impossible

india grip on media is very strong. they use it to promote positive side of country and use the same media for cover ups
Changing indisciplined &dirty thinking of indian people is impossible
Disgusting. Of course, it is always the West's fault. If we didn't show these poor people how good life can be, they would never know how bad they have it. People need to own their problems, and then fix them. Blaming others is what five-year-olds do.
It is one of the many incidents that got highlighted due to the social media.
indian r fond of takin things for granted whn this kind freakin shit happn evn in thr courtyard they turn a blind don't go to india specially woman folk....they ll fuck u...n make u pornstar overnight.....
Maybe all that gold is getting in the way of their thinking clearly
Nothing on earth should be treated better, loved more, respected and cared for more than women.... They are the only thing that give us purpose, real joy, pride, happiness...
one single incidence shud not reflect d whole community or country...we hav seen atrocities on woman far worse than this in western countries...people who act like monsters...some morons think they are of superior species and doesn't realise that infact they are the dumbest in d world...
This story is horrible . No Women , No where, on this planet should be treated in any horrific form of Abuse ! Men around the world forget it was a Women who brought them in this World. This makes me sick!!!!!!
You are at liberty to pass comments on anyone whom you discard but as a nation you must give proper respect,especially to softer sex.
All humans should be treated with respect and dignity , I don't think it's a case of womn more than men
MAJOR TOM what you commented is partly right but not all of them. Not all the Indians are same. I know what happened here is shocking and its a shame. I lived in United Kingdom and I didn't drive a taxi or rape a gal. The Indian government are hunting these men down, just to let you know.
This happen every part of the world. America has highest rape case in the world...ever 3 seconds a girl is raped in US. India is much more safer than other countries. But because of few incident like this everyone think that in India every corner this is what happening. It is not like that.
+Sudhaharan J , you are absolutely right, just by publishing this, some stupid people want to cover their own country's image & spoil India's image.
Same on us that we are not respecting women
A female president, and the government still can not make a true change for women and girls to be safe, forget respect, that has to come from the Indian males. And Sudhaharan J you should be the first to stand up since YOU think it OK-because it happens everywhere.  News Flash- IT IS NOT OK IN ANY COUNTRY!  and yes India is like that and this incident demonstrates that the law and citzens condone it by their lack of action.
Its irony that all the scriptures Ramayan and Puranas speak of the motherhood the primary thing of our Indian culture.. Women are respected as mothers....incidents mentioned in the article are because of the westernization and other bad habits of alcohol and movies... Wake up India , go to ur roots, our true nature which gives us the respect in this world..Sarve jana sukhino bhavantu
Chris Brown would Love to live there .....
The incident has nothing to do with democracy. Its just moral sense which is not common among all that we misunderstand the simple fact... india may have crimes as any other country and the number will be huge , its cos the population is such of uneducated dumb rats. Still, do a percentage comparison of crime rate vs population __ you just might eat back your words.

Btw, m not proud of the incident.!
2 get respect we should fst learn how to give respect to others
These are sadistic incidents. These guys should be punished for their deeds. But tarnishing while of the India based on these is not right. Pigs are in every part of the world, take us for ex rape drug is used to max here. One of the religious sects that allows a man to marry multiple times and that to with daughters and sisters thrives with full force more than Muslim world. Police beating mercilessly, a hand coughed woman, was caught on tape. US is the most advanced country whose conservative male dominated population would never allow a female president. Inspire of all this we do not brand US as chauvinistic country. Why India then? Bring 4 times more populous and having 3 times less land and being just 1/4 time since independence than US, India is bound to have significantly more issues. Comparing India and US, India is doing far better than US for women after 60 years of independence. This by no means gives India passport to over look issues. India is a great country and will always be.
It's true that women in India face so much of struggle in their day to day life. Men in india must change their attitude and thought about women and all this is to blame on the way they are brought up and the lack of morality
India sounds like a terrible place to live. With their cast system and sexual injustices it makes me glad to live in America.
It's sad,it's shame that media reporter planned this and it is more sad that these people without any thinking involve and did this.
Guys. India is not a bad place. There are some people who very bad. There are all kinds of people in all places. We should not judge my India by the behaviours of few freeks. Those barbarians who cannot digest of the women do things that they thought they can only do. Please guys my sub continent is the best place the whole world. Don't estimate it because of few idiots.
+Ahamed Sultan It's not the fact that it happened, its the fact of how many people saw it and did nothing.  The police didn't even arrest the people in the quiet damaging video that shows the obvious rape.  Disappointing is all I can say.  Personally I would love to smack the hell out of these stupid animals, but that would be no more acceptable than what they did.
So pathetic situation,even India is the birth place of great lord buddha now it has been ruined.shame on our neighbouring country.women should deserve more freedom & their rights! if it is'nt; they should rise their voice against women harassements. . .
Perverts. And blaming the west, how pathetic. Stuff like this does not happen in the West. Young girls are not given away in arranged marriages before they are 18, at least not as a societal norm. Those people are sick. 
What is this the dark ages?! Disgusting!
Why is India so bad for women???? They still can't get rid of their backward culture and ideologies. 
This disgusts me, no woman in the world should have to be treated that way. Democracy my ass! The only way India will stop their sexist ways is by raising the next generation with morals and teach how to value a woman. The devil is working hard in India.
If u look in indian house women is treats wid full of respect. bt dese kind of people r really assholes for country. Govt. also taking strict action against dem. Xcept of dat in india our culture teach us to respect women in ol d ways. women is consider as goddess in our culture
+Vasu Sharma How can you assume that same folks are treating women with respect at home. A society which allows killing in name of family honor can never respect one at home.
Isn't our society as a whole a hypocrite where one form of women is worshiped as godess and we as society do not care for them in real life...Its a Shame any way we look at it.
When the aliens come to take over this world, I'll be holding the door open for them.
not only in india but every country has bad people n this incident happens in every countrymost of them are hidden
Shame on the person who shame on India . Instead of supporting how can people question and shame on a country..... .Dnt forget u r also a person u also have relations with many womens..u also live in dis world ....
No need to kill dat bad persons i think  dey dnt knw dat one day it might happpen with the womens dey hv relations in dis way circle will go on in the way of taking revenge then a big fight will began where everyone will be the victim...... it is necessary to understnd dem y dey do like dis whats der problem , its time to knw dem nicely and take out solution for there problem . I thnk dn only can it can be stoped. It is not only the problem of women in India it is the problem of womens in the world ... So we have to destroy it from the root...
Indians have a lot good qualities but at the same time there is a still a lot of maturity that needs to come into the Indian mentality. We act like kids in many cases. We don't have enough patience or tolerance to accept people who are different from you. Sometimes we act in a haste before we think and then later on we feel sorry over it. Another common problem seen from the college and school days is the mob psychology. Those people who are individually so nice; but behave so irresponsibly when they are part of a crowd and get carried by the mob strength. Another issue is about the corrupted police and delayed justice. So there are many factors. And there needs to be good amount practical training from school curriculum about social responsibilities but in our education everything is just for examination purpose.
Democracy here is....
rule made by the criminals, ruled by the criminals and rule for the criminals. I wished to know the reason why those guys doing such things to a GIRL/WOMEN/FEMALE.  Not every girls are innoccent.
I think the main problem with India is the special treatment that is given to women. There is no gender equality! And since pre-marital sex is still treated as a sin, men turn into savages (all the gazing, groping stems from this). It's a sad situation really. We keep blaming the western influences, but the problem is deeply rooted in our own culture!
Pre marital sex is 100% sin. I don't want my sister or daughter to utilized to fulfil the lust of those barbarians.
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