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In the wake of Sandy, let's have a national conversation not just about the weather but also about climate!
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I think it's About Time it Get alot of Respect
We need more coverage of climate related news.  That would include climate research, signs of climate change around the world, ideas for fighting it and mitigating it.  

My favorite climate site is  and click "start here" if you're new to the subject.
Interesting how the one global issue that has not been talked about in the presidential debates has been the climate ....
No, because there will always be the doubters and charlatans who make money by catering to the beliefs of the doubters.
True, and that is the point i was trying to communicate. That money is corrupting the discussions of critical issues that will be huge for the world in the future.
If you really think you can stop or change a storm like Sandy and or the conditions that created it, oh boy are you miss guided. 
Aaaa that is not the point i was trying to communicate. I was responding to a discussion on climate change that developed throughout the posts. But yes, in a situation like Sandy, we cannot prevent the damage but only mitigate it, if anything.
The short answer is: No. It will take many more Sandies.
How about we talk about clean up and recovery first? 
+Stanley Yamada I dont know about climate change or if it exists. If it does exist I dont know if it is man made. If man did make it, I dont think we can unmake it. Do you want us to hold our breath? Or just eliminate half of us?  What I do know is Al Gore the man front and center has made more money than anyone propagating climate change. Uber Money. Next time you want to follow the money dont be so arrogant and leave out your side.
Sorry but it is part of accountability. And Money is menial compared to the issue if true. 
No just from what I understand from it, it is the carbon we exhale that might have the largest effect. Also wasn't there just a huge study on this exact issue. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this also seems to be the issue where people are all over the place. You cant find 10 people on the same page pushing this topic. I am willing to admit something is happening. If its us breathing we are screwed. Are you saying the carbon we exhale has no effect?
It is a long overdue discussion, and we should also discuss our political process that excludes the Green Party candidate from our Presidential debates (and the general failure of the press to report her arrest when she protested outside one of the venues). Of course, the vested interests have almost a stranglehold on our policies, so we still have asinine projects like Keystone XL to try to stop before even more irreversible damage is done. And even the comments here show that there are people who don't understand that human activity does very much affect climate/weather.
That makes sense, thanks +Justin Boyan  I will say though that I live in a farming community and a lot of people are complaining about a livestock flatulence tax. This being part of the Green element, how does it relate?
how about just helping the people that need it..instead of inflating your already inflated ego maniac mentality..grab a shovel and help out...while your at it grab some of those sad ass politicians up in Washington getting rich off all of the people backs..wtfo..
I love hearing from people who claim there is no climate change happening. Apparently they can't look outside or even bother to notice the change in weather patterns that is happening each year in their own area. It's painfully obvious it's happening and it has nothing to do with political affiliation or money. Stop polluting and clean up your own personal habits. That alone will help.
If you can believe the ancient stories from the Christian bible as fact, you can believe New York is under water because of climate change.
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