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My column tells of an amazing student, an amazing journey. Enjoy!
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I was very moved by your article and inspired. I have been working very closely with a 22 year old young man who is a survivor of the Rwandan Genocide and has been applying to college for the last 5 months in hopes of entering in Fall 2012. Unfortunately, thus far, I have seen the other side of the college story.
I met this young man back in September (he was working a city official job picking up trash in downtown Boston) and I learned that he was in Boston seeking a college education. He came to the US as a refugee two years ago, leaving his father behind in Rwanda to seek a college education in the US. He lost his mother and three siblings in the Genocide. His story of escaping and life as a refugee is unbelievable. He lived in Kenya and Uganda and speaks of Kakuma.
Soon after I met him, we started the extensive college process together. I have had a very eye opening experience working with him and would love to have the opportunity to speak to you about his story. Because he is a refugee in the US, he applied to schools as a domestic student. Many schools turned him away from even applying for reasons that shocked me such as the fact that he could not get a High School Peer Review and that he had not taken the SAT 2 Subject Tests. So far he has been rejected at all of the schools he applied to (Bowdoin, Colby, Babson, Wheaton) despite being highly qualified and having so much perspective and knowledge to offer any school. He founded a nonprofit organization in Rwanda based around the concept that the only way for Rwanda to progress is for the Hutu's and Tutsi's to forgive and work together. He also graduated 4th in his class from a top International School in Kigali and earned a full scholarship to Kigali Institute of Technology where he studied Civil Engineering for 2 semesters and earned strong grades.
Please let me know if you would be interested in speaking more.
Great article Kristof; it is good to have such an important journalist paying attention to those things. Your career is a blessing for us in the third world. From Dominican Republic.
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