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A child has a lower life expectancy on this Indian reservation than in sub-Saharan Africa. This is how the other (bottom) 1 percent live -- and it can be changed.
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Thank you for this...more than I can say. My father (with Native American ancestors) died of alcoholism and he lived in shame. I have been sober for over 20+ years. When I read your piece I wept. For a time I worked with students with FAS. I wrote to a teacher friend after reading your piece that I will never forget a moment when one girl who was so limited by choices made before her birth reached her hand up to my face and cupped my cheek in her hand. She looked at me with what I perceived as unconditional love. I gave her a moment. She gave me forever...
I live with hope every day. Again, thank you!
Great to know that someone is covering and caring for the underbelly of American society that is rarely brought to our attention.
I'd hate to think all that casino money is filtering down to the same type of faux-capitalism that's ruining the rest of the world.
There are so many parallels between native Americans and indigenous Australians. Grog and drugs, unemployment and remote locations, urban crime, loss of hope. Obesity and chronic diseases. It's just so fking depressing. Despite attempts by outsiders to help/intervene, the core problem stems from a crisis of culture - not knowing how to bring the community together for the better. Some communities have got the plan right but it is very hard. Discrimination is still very much a reality for indigenous australians. It makes me very sad to read about native American people being in such distress. Especially since the US is supposed to be the greatest country in the world. Seems like it has a huge hidden chronic poverty issue.
The sad thing is that the issues on Pine Ridge are not really "news" but unless a person has been reading First Nation history, this type of abject poverty and hopelessness is not well known. Thanks, +Nicholas Kristof for giving this much needed attention.
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