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Lance Armstrong will now have to issue wrist bands that say "Live Wrong" and "Lie Strong." Although, if truth be told, I wouldn't mind if the Postal Service continued doping so long as it would speed up mail delivery!
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I was always suspicious about the story of him recovering from testicular cancer and winning the Tour de France so many times. I always thought he must be using some advanced type of medical treatment.He was getting blood transfusions each day after a race. No need to rest and recover.
Unfortunately the postal service smokes performance inhibiting drugs.
The Onion already nailed the wrist band thing. Theirs says "Cheat to Win"
I agree with Leslie being a cyclist myself and being a caregiver of persons undergoing chemotherapy since my teens when needed. It was against basic human biology and also logic. I also felt whenever there was suspicion the Lance Damage Control Machine would start to chip away at any accusers credibility. I feel even this Oprah interview is another way to manipulate his way into the lifestyle he left behind in ruins for the honest cyclists. haha Paul F. Lance Armstrong = Live Wrong, Lie Strong and he is not a cyclist but a Chemist.....
Mail should be delivered three times a week. More frequent delivery just exacerbates the problem. 
That's the worst bit about it, I think. The foundation thing is actually a good thing, that's now been tainted. It seems pretty likely that  even though the fact that Armstrong cheated has no impact on the good work done by the foundation, donations will suffer from this whole debacle. 
David O
Give up the humor routine Nick and stick to important stories.  Livestrong is a good organization that helps people with cancer.  Despite Mr. Armstrong.
I think it's an interesting story that slaps around a number of our cultural myths: the win-at-all-costs mentality; hero worship in the 21st century; prime-time forgiveness (think Tiger Woods/Jimmy Swaggart/Elliott Spitzer); and corporate enabling - JUST DO IT! (We don't really care how!)
HEY don't knock the Postal Service's delivery speeds until YOU have walked a DAY in their shoes!
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