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When Persian carpets look like this, is the Iranian regime in trouble? I photographed this carpet in the bazaar in Tabriz, Iran.
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But they do have some of the best carpets in the world
I think this stage for an American Currency not too far...
... "in trouble?" Why? - it's a mat ... something to wipe your feet on!
dont take it that serious. Iranians are complicated 
iranians are not a complicated, they have there own culture and feel proud, actually they are looking a self-respect.
There's a hotel in the former East Berlin called the "Wall Street Hotel".  Thought it referred to the Berlin Wall, but it's a US-dollar NYSE-theme in the hotel...complete with a dollar bill design on the rug.  Yay Capitalism!
+Nicholas Kristof If you talk to people in the carpet bazaar, you'll understand that there are two completely distinct markets in bazaar: domestic market almost always goes for time-honored traditional designs, while tourists go for more modern western-friendly ones. This is clearly only targeted at tourists. 
+Nicholas Kristof  You know what exactly the meaning of this design is?
This is what the average Iranian carpet designer thinks of an American tourist's taste in arts!
This is market. they would go for pyramids if lots of Egyptians used to spend money on Persian carpets!
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