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For any of you wavering on gun control, I hope you'll read this column about an incident involving a goose. And pass it on!
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Thank you, +Nicholas Kristof, for the elaborate and transparent article shared! 
To me, it still boils down to the essence of character: maturity for self-control, sense of judgement, honor, and duty for self and for our communities to be developed not ransacked / diminished.  Cheers to joy for the respect to live!!
God bless you, your loved ones, and state ... quite the lusciously green state, I hear!  :D
This story makes me think of what I always like to tell libertarians.  If you are a homeless orphan, you can't just go seize some land and live out your life by your own accord.  There is no more land for new people, the only thing left is communities and whatever those communities are willing to put up with.
If you don't like gun's, don't fucking buy one, I'm standing by my guns, 1776 will commence if Obama come's after my Second Amendment.
Anek, and all the real Anek's (why must you troll with an anonymous account?) -- You are talking about American men and women who would be "coming after you." Mothers and fathers. People that are basically the same as you. Some of them NRA members and advocates.

That should make you question whether it will ever happen, at least. Yes, gun laws will and should be examined. No, nothing Obama has said so far is that extreme. Yes, Congress still has to approve the more, as your hated main stream media puts it, extreme/vigorous/ambitious, aspects of it.

If you're too crazy to understand this then--well, please don't shoot the poorly armed person that is coming to try to get you to come to the Hospital. They're not Obama's goon squad. They're people like... us.
Oh, and if big bad gubment ever decided to crush our rights and tyranny threatened--while no single individual weapon you can currently buy could stop what is the greatest military in history... WE could end their tyranny. We're ALL too damn American to be squashed. From birth we appreciate and understand freedom. It's in our blood. No one can quantify it but there is no way that we would become serfs.

Well, barring the oligarchy we have now which is ran by our corporate Overlords. But you probably vote yes to that every election.
"So am I to take it that this guy actually thinks that a couple of dumbasses over-reacting over a goose is a great representation of how the majority of Americans would react? "
I think this line from the article answers your question. "The N.R.A. is right that most guns are used safely, but it’s also true that guns are more likely to cause tragedies than to avert them."
If you took the time you could read the clearly cited 2010 article , instead of just making a criticism for including a 1993 article that makes a similar point.
I can do and buy the exact same things at a gun shop today that I could 2 days ago. So what is it people are so upset about?

Conservatives in this fight are seeing a sheep and crying wolf!

By making Obama's lip service to liberals the climax of liberal unconstitutionality, and liberals actually buying that Obama's exec. orders are of any real accomplishment, both sides in this drama end up sounding like chumps.

People cry wolf because we fear wolves. If an executive order is the conservatives' wolf, it speaks more to their fears than it does to the wolf's strengths.

The Republican's won here & bans will be passed. But, I would argue they also lost in the longer political implications.

Great article +Nicholas Kristof I don't confront any strange happenings in the night, in my home without my that because I'm paranoid, or because I have one? Would I shrug the noise off if I didn't have a gun to make me feel safer about the confrontation?
And yet the NRA or the Republican party doesn't want to legalize fully automatic weapons or anything bigger than a peashooter. They make so much sense. I love how they get to draw the line themselves as if their interpretation of the 2nd amendment says anything about the size or caliber of weapons that one can own.
I've been making this same argument to some of my friends who are gun fanatics, though not as eloquently.  I am all for the right to bear arms but it does need to be regulated.  
We're a liberal country that likes a small government and as much personal freedom as possible, but since the 1800's we've grown up and have learned that we have to set limits. Just like we love free market capitalism but we still have labor laws, a minimum wage and antitrust laws.
According to CDC statistics, there are about 15,000 accidental firearms nonfatal injuries every year and have been for at least the past dozen years.  Something over 10% of these are to children.
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