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I liked Obama's second inaugural address, although I didn't think it was nearly his best speech. I mostly appreciated the broad theme of transforming  equality from a principle to a practice, and the specific mentions of gay marriage, climate change, poverty and racial justice. What did you think?
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I think words ring hollow when you're essentially a republican when it comes to drones and protecting big business and wall street. 
The only thing I gleaned is this "That is our generation’s task – to make these words, these rights, these values – of Life, and Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness – real for every American. Being true to our founding documents does not require us to agree on every contour of life; it does not mean we all define liberty in exactly the same way, or follow the same precise path to happiness. Progress does not compel us to settle centuries-long debates about the role of government for all time – but it does require us to act in our time." Otherwise, everything else is the same speech from the past and every President for the last 10 years has touched on these populist sentiments. I do not like his arrogant stand about America being at the forefront. We are not and to perpetuate this fantasy and that of the diplomat when in fact we use engagement vs discourse to deal with international issues which we directly benefit from is a disservice to our intelligence.
Spoken like a true gentleman, leader/servant, and visionary whose focus is a vision of goodness in diligence because of accountability, duty, and honor for and in freedom!  A speech in faith, fervent faith ... The spirit within us is and should be continued for the many years to come in essence of goodwill because we care for self, one another, and the many generations to come. It all starts within self to ripple out for man/womankind.  I'm looking forward to seeing how all PEOPLE, the rich / middle / poor come together for the nation now and the many generations to come.  
Cheers to accountability/responsibility/order, vision/dream, diligence to make it happen, and unequivocal diligence / drive to press forth to lead as light in the world for betterment !  Thank you, +Nicholas Kristof , for all continued coverage!!  Have a fruitful / strong week!!!
To me, it was one of his most powerful speeches. He argued for his view on the rule of government, by putting it in moral and historical terms, connecting it to our rights and ideals. This is more forceful, and more convincing, than his typical, more political and in the moment statements.

+Veronica G. Ochoa As I see it, his argument on American exceptionalism is not that we must be the world police, but that we have what it takes to make a bright future for ourselves (and help the rest of the world along the way). I very much appreciated such reminders.
+Ise Varghese Mac American exceptionalism is not something I correlate with being an international policeman - loose foundations of education, health and technology place us at a gross disadvantage. Many of the decisions made financially benefitted corporations who at last check did not perform with sound moral judgment for the greater and common good. We have lost our edge and being too arrogant as a nation to admit it is précisely why other markets are opening up based on our free market & democratic ideals. Brazil for one. We each have a responsibility but I am tired of hearing this as culturally we are an individualistic society not collective while capitalistic as an economy. If these sentiments are part of our American thread then free Health care for all would be available, cooperative business creation would be embraced by the SBA etc. Fundamentally we have spent $ on war in the last 15 years vs schools and technological infrastructure. One day in Iraq cost wise could have saved an entire regions public school system! Nay! We are not # 1 and have not been for awhile. Each person in this economy born post Vietnam War is living a different reality than their predecessors. The dream is American branding at its best. 
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