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I like this one. CM9 boot screen is okay, But simple is better in my books.
Boot Animation Revisited

Cameron Behzadpour (@Xevin) is back, lending his talents to re-imagining the CM10 bootanimation in all its chiptunes glory. 

Some notes:

# This has not been merged into CM source yet, and is sitting on our gerrit review while we make sure it looks as good on all our devices as it does in Cameron's video. 

# As it is still in review, some modifications may occur, so while this is most likely its final version, don't be surprised if we make some tweaks. 

An open letter to: +Google Play +Google +Nexus I still have not heard a response either to my emails or messages on G+. I am very dissapointed in your shipping priority, those who pre-ordered on Play following (or in many cases during) I/O should have been the FIRST to get their tablets, not the LAST. I could go to my local +Staples store today, and pick up one of the FIVE 16GB #nexus7   tablets they have in stock, but nope, I'm a sucker, and though a PRE order was just that, getting it first. I want (and so does everyone else who pre-ordered, especially the 16GB version like me) to know what you plan to do to remedy this situation. 

Here are a couple of ideas for you: pick what you feel is fair.
1: Play store credit and not the $25 we were promised, since EVERYONE who buys a #Nexus7  is getting that
2: Free case
3: Stylus (because every tablet should have one of these bad boys)

And lastly, I would like to see an apology for bungling your biggest release to date so badly, and crapping all over your biggest fan base, us should have been early adopters.

Thank you, and I look forward to your reply.
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