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At the core of the system are components called piezoelectric transducers, gear that converts electricity into vibration. Their movement creates a high enough frequency to transform liquid water into cool water vapor, which the machine then removes.

In addition to being faster, DOE researchers claim the process is five times more efficient than standard clothes-drying methods. 

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Happy Birthday to me. Loaded Ram SLT Quadcab with a beastly #Hemi. Sitting on 20's, Alpine stereo system, leather seats, etc. Literally every option except adjustable pedals and heated steering wheel. I'm gonna add some larger and more aggressive offset tires and that'll probably be it. Loving it so far.
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How is it not illegal for Goldman Sachs to pull the scam they did today? They sold a shit ton of #AMD stock, turned around and said it would underperform, then when it dropped to $13 they bought all the stock back and then some. Now they're the second largest holder of AMD and they made a lot of money and bought back at a discount. It seems like that would be illegal but it's not evidently.

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Playing #mspacman right in the #GoogleMaps app is fantastic. 

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It's about time they highlight reduced apps. Amazon has done a great job of this since the inception of the Amazon app store.

Trying like hell to get motivated to clean out my garage but every time I go out there I pick one thing up and come back inside to drink 🍺 lol

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I don't see this lasting long. Everyone will be borrowing their friends and family DVDs and getting copies or buying movies and returning them. You can only do 100 a year but 100 movies at only $2 each will save you a fortune. I'll be jumping on this before they cancel it.

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I'm loving the fingerprint gesture. Nifty trick/feature
New Android beta update coming today! Build NPG47I for Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel C, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, and Nexus Player.

#android #pixel #nexus6p
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