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Nicholas Bohac
San Francisco based painter -
San Francisco based painter -

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I'm currently trying to clear out some of the older work and have a few smaller paintings listed at the store link below, for anybody interested in owning original works.

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Artwork from 2014, thus far

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2014 Artwork
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I posted a short animation for this print on Instragram earlier today, but I don't believe I cross posted it over here.  This is a short gif that shows how a full color print comes together with 10 screen colors.

When printing with Silkscreen, you typically want to print lightest to darkest. I use a lot of transparent inks, so I started with Turquoise and went from there. That color exists throughout the whole print, and works as a fantastic base to work from.

Thanks to everybody who’s looked at this from start to finish.

more work at

Prints available at

Feel free to follow me at Instagram, too, if you want to see more stuff like this.  Username: nicholasbohac

#art   #artistsongoogle   #print   #printmaking   #silkscreen   #screenprinting   #aurora   #northernlights   #landscape   #color   #animation  

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My new 10 color Silkscreen print is available now on my web store.  I've spent the better part of the last few weeks printing this and could not be more amped on how it came out.  Please take a look and feel free to share.

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I made a quick 15 second time-lapse video of some colorful rainbow stairs being painted into this painting with the iceberg in it.

#art   #painting   #workinprogress   #wip   #timelapse   #color   #colorful   #collage   #artistsongoogle   #process  
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