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Nicholas Barry
Software engineer working on participatory democracy, crowdsourcing, and other civic tech challenges
Software engineer working on participatory democracy, crowdsourcing, and other civic tech challenges

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Our house in the strong N St Cohousing community has two room openings. $500 and $550/month, including utilities, internet, and community dues. Let me know if you're interested!

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This is brilliant! But does anyone know of any free hotel shuttles from the Sac airport?


My favorite thing: Drinking some chilled citrus water from Putah Creek Cafe after a bike ride from Davis. Not my favorite thing: Drinking some more of that water from my water bottle, several days later, after it has started to ferment.

So I just read that Youtube's comment system will be replaced by Google+ commenting. And I just noticed while looking at someone's G+ profile that it also helpfully shows the info I have about them from my Google Contacts. Google is successfully embedding G+ in so many services that I'm feeling, for the first time since before it actually launched, that I might soon start using it more than Facebook!

Wow, I can't call Verizon tech support from my phone. I'm routed to My Verizon Mobile app, which doesn't work. Thanks, Verizon.

Saw two cool pieces of graffiti from the train today: "The world is beautiful, and I am no longer afraid to die" and "The world is full of hate but WE understand"

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I just read this article and it's really shocking to me. Apparently fewer than a third of doctors think patients should have full access to their medical records; the vast majority think patients should have only limited access, or no access at all. I can't fathom why. Can anyone in the medical profession shed any light on why doctors would possibly feel this way?

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I love how out of proportion the second part of this sentence is. Courtesy of NASA. “Dec. 21, 2012, won't be the end of the world as we know, however, it will be another winter solstice.”
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