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I can't make it but I'd you're interested in helping Rick Dietz raise money for his campaign AND see a baby water buffalo, this is the event for you!
If you like hanging out with fun people and a baby water buffalo on a beautiful farm with tasty treats, good tunes, yard games and more, then my campaign fundraiser might just be the thing for you! 
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DROID RAZR M DEVELOPER EDITION’s screen spans edge-to-edge, yet its compact design fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Incredible 4G LTE speeds and a Super AMOLED Advanced display that’s scratch-...
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FWIW, this matches my own experience as a CEO and business owner. Tax rates have never influenced my business decisions. In order to pay business taxes, you have to have profits. If you believe enough in your business, you reinvest in your business, and so you don't have all that much profit to tax.  If you have so much profit that you can't find enough things to invest in, taxes are hardly the problem that tax-cut believers would make out.

Taxes hurt, and I don't like to pay them any more than the next guy, but so does exercise, and many other things that we do because we're smarter than to think that what feels good is the right thing.
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Hahah! Awesome!
This is the tissue holder that sits at my desk at work.  I made it back when I worked at Apple, where I kept it on my desk. It got a lot of laughs and fun comments from people who would visit.

One day, however, a Very Senior Person in sales walked by my desk, saw it, and just about lost their shit, so it went into storage for a while.  Some people take themselves too seriously :-)

#MacCube #awesomeness   #retro   #tissue  
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Best shots of the Sun (through super dark sunglasses) of the Venus transit. (can't see Venus...sorry).
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Now with autotune!
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Weekend reading, from the desk of +Barack Obama:

“I want us to ask ourselves every day, how are we using technology to make a real difference in people’s lives.”

/via +Macon Phillips  #digitalgov  
Mission drives agencies, and the need to deliver better services to customers at a lower cost is pushing every level of government to look for new solutions.
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@RealTimeWWII on Twitter:
"Night is so clear, bombs burn like artificial stars. Never was such contrast of natural splendour and human vileness."
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Search engine humor. LOL!
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I know a couple of people who would love/need this.
When your couch has a cat tunnel built in, it's pretty much assured that you'll never get your reading done. It's pettins time ALL of the time.

How to:
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Holy crap! I would LOVE that couch!
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The Emperor 1510 Computer Workstation (Picture Below) is the future of high-end home and office computer work environments. The Emperor offers functionalities that enable the user to experience unprecedented comfort and quasi total immersion through strategically positioned monitors, audio system and accessories. There's also a luxury model, the Emperor 200 which is like the G450 Business Jet equivalent of where ever you normally sit to surf the interwebs, but is oddly more expensive than actually chartering a private flight.

The built-in monitor mount allows for up to three 24″ screens, and the built in LED lights in the upper structure provide ideal lighting without causing a glare. There’s an adjustable keyboard tray for your ergonomic pleasure, and the seat controls allow for tilting, lifting, lowering, twisting, turning, and any other relevant verbs you could associate with internet usage.

A series of various inputs and outputs accommodate your Mac, PC, or favorite gaming console, and the audio control pod makes adjusting the levels of the built-in Bose sound system convenient and simple.

All you need now is about $6,000 for the Emperor 1510 and $45,000 for the Emperor 200, plus shipping, mmm...slightly worried that the shipping cost could be overpriced though :P
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Google's Project Glass - wearable computing. Maybe it'll finally be a reality.
Thoughts, designs, and stories.
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Makes sense it would use the computer you already take with you. Not sure about the price tag though. The price will have to come down to more like $50 if they want a good adoption rate. At first, maybe they'd rather not--to get the kinks out like you said. But it won't need GPS (not sure why that was mentioned) since it can get that info from the phone but basically all the other sensors.
It's amazing for sure but as always it takes a lot of testing to find what people feel comfortable with. Culture changes slower than technology. I just hope they have a version that's light enough and can attach to the glasses I have to wear. Google's full of nerds so maybe there's hope. :)
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Programmer; Love solving problems
Web Developer in Bloomington, Indiana
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