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I want to see what the new family data plans will be. 
Verizon dropped the bad, bullshit news yesterday: It's killing all grandfathered unlimited data plans next year. Thanks to a statement from Verizon to the NY Times, we know exactly how it plans to do ...
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Just in time for Sprint's LTE rollout mid-summer (with unlimited days plans)
Yea sprint has unlimited data but its slower than att and verizon so who cares. You couldn't give me sprint service for free. I want blazing speeds everywhere.
Where are you getting your information? The LTE they are rolling out is 168Mbps, 4x of Verizon's. Sorry to hear your policy. I have worked for them all in engineering & testing positions. Verizon has the best coverage in many areas, however I've never had coverage issues on the mainland or 3 islands of Hawaii with my Sprint. Plus, from what I've heard, unlike Verizon, Sprint customer service treats me like they actually want my business.
Sprint needs you as a customer.
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