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For those that use Chrome Dev Tools, do you use the new Snippets feature?

If so, would it be of use to have certain scripts/snippets auto run? Saving you from manually running the script and thus making them available when ever Dev Tools is opened?

As i have been going through Webkit's inspector front end code lately and found that ( if my logic is correct ) it is possible  to "autorun" certain snippets. If this seems to be a nice added feature, i will log a feature request with Webkit, else should i have some spare time, attempt the change.

For those interested in the code or a starting point to go digging, the Snippet code can be found here - ( 1 )
The code is nicely layered out / documented so finding necessary methods is relatively simple.

And those interested in my thinking behind it, it is to adjust WebInspector.UISourceCode constructor ( 2 ) to store an "_autoRun" property along with the other scriptFile details. When the snippet, it's details ( path , contentType etc) is stored, the autoRun value is also stored. Then in the WebInspector.SnippetScriptFile method _addScriptSnippet which is called from _loadSnippets , should "_autoRun" be true, execute the run ( "_runScript" ) method. The only thing needed would be to adjust the UI and add a checkbox / settings of some sort per snippet which would update this property.


Update - A Chrome "Bug" report has been filed to add this feature -

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