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With rockets and drones flying everywhere, the word 'space' is appearing more and more and is becoming more ingrained in today's global internet. Elon Musk’s with his SpaceX scared the hell out people over Huntington Beach, California, December 12 of this year. Jeff Bezos of Amazon promises drone package delivered right to your home. Moreover, NASA studies the human body in space for one year to extrapolate for missions to Mars. Also, Santa tracker has is now updated and modernized.

Pour voir la liste complète des domaines en français s'il vous plaît visitez notre blog .
To see the complete list of our French domains, please visit our blog.

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I have tried for almost ten years to make money with my domains because I believe they are quality domains; now I only have 28 days to show a profit before I am out of the picture.

My plea to all those start-ups, venture groups, Investors, CEOs and possibly you, the reader, is to buy a domain from Domain-inventory. If I can show that there is a market for my Internet real estate and can prove it with a single or several sales, the Taxman might let me off the hook.

Now, if you don't need a domain, I can understand that. But if you forward this cry for help to someone else who again might do the same, I might get enough traffic, until someone out there is precisely looking for that unique and just right domain, from Domain-inventory.

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Keyword-rich domains with authentic content are a formula for success.

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