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Nic Strike

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Nic Strike

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My LGE Nexus 5 battery averages 21h 29m 0s (5h 57m 0s active usage) on a single charge. Check out GSam Battery Monitor: - #badassbattery
If I leave my phone totally idle, the battery estimate goes up to ~200 hours.
Main battery saving app: Leandroid
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Nic Strike

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Coming in February: A new Introduction to Psychology course from St. Margaret's Episcopal School. Learn about human mind and behavior, how we learn and form memories, and more. Enroll today:
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Nic Strike

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This movie is free for a limited time. 
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Nic Strike

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I own a Nexus 5, and the battery gets me through the day. However I can only use about 20-30 min of screen time before my battery starts to get low (~30%), the rest is eaten through the day during idle. Cell coverage is not great during the day until I get home, is there a way I can boost the idle time to at least 2 days instead of 1 without going into airplane mode? Would turning off mobile data have any affect?
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I already have sync on the absolute minimum. And having tried turning off Mobile Data, I get about another 30~ of battery life savings, which is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.
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Nic Strike

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I'm conducting a study for my statistics and probability class, if you'd like to be represented in the data just comment the following information below:

*Phone type: Android or iPhone
*Satisfaction with phone from 1-10
*Price of phone 1-5 (1 is practically free 5 is around $900)
*How often your frustrated with your phone
*If you've ever thought about switching to/ from Android/ iPhone

(By responding with the requested information above you grant me the right to use the information provided, with exception to your name, as data in a presentation to be presented in front of a class consisting of no more than 25 people)
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Nic Strike

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Nic Strike

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Does your phone feel faster after taking it out of a case?
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When you take off the case your phone gets upgraded to a SD 1027X 26 core processor, gets 24GB HBM SD, and integrates an Adreno 990 GTL mobile processor with 512GBx512GB parallel HBM2 memory.
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Nic Strike

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I recently got my hands on Google cardboard, and I must say that it is the coolest thing I have seen in a long time. I recommend it as a must have for anyone with an android phone.
What can beat the ability to skydive, watch 3D movies, watch movies on an ultra screen, immerse yourself in first person games as if you were really there all from your desk, living room, bedroom or other, for just $30? NOTHING!
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Nic Strike

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Got a pencil kit for Christmas, I've never really drawn before. This is what I drew with it. 
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"I've never really drawn before"
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This is disappointing. I'm sad to have my suspicions about 343 bomb shelling the halo series confirmed. 

Glad I decided to just stick with the 360 with reach, odst and other great games that work. 
Earlier this month, I wrote a piece saying that there was a never better time to buy an Xbox One than now. That was in the wake of Microsoft announcing a price cut of many of their most popular bundles from $400 down to $350, which, factoring the cost of a [...]
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+Charles Urban yeah, but they were dead.
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A nerd you can actually talk to.
I'm a techy, very interested in computers. More specifically I have taken an interest into Software Development, however I am also studying other aspects such as CPU architecture.
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