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Game Designer, Coder, Entrepreneur


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Comets can’t explain weird ‘alien megastructure’ star after all

Given the vastness of time, it wouldn't be unreasonable for there to exist large numbers of dead civilisations scattered about the universe. They won't show up on our SETI; instead a search for Type II Dyson structures could reveal them.

In 20 years we may have a catalog of such long-dead civilisations, yet still be unable to reach any of them. Maybe that's the Great Filter: reaching the conclusion that we are all island civilisations, separated by untraversable swathes of space and time.

#KIC8462852 #Kardashev

Or perhaps it's just a dust cloud.

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So, The Economist disagrees with my calculation.
Any mathematicians willing to help out? 

Here's the problem: an event occurs with a chance of 1 in 5,371,369. I have stated that "You would expect this event to happen if you tried once every day for 14,716 years"

Am I correct? 
How would you interpret this statement?
#math   #mathematics   #probability  

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'Am I Going Down?' New app analyzes odds of your flight crashing

(CNN)If you're flying on a Boeing 777 Cathay Pacific flight from Hong Kong to Los Angeles on any given day, there's a one in 4,068,434 chance that your plane will crash.

At least that's what a new app called "Am I Going Down?" says.

That means if you take that flight every day for the next 11,146 years, you'll be unlikely to experience an incident.

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Which are the safest airlines? 

These are the top 3 airlines in the world, based on flight safety & crash statistics: 

1. Southwest Airlines 
2. Ryanair 
3. Qantas 

None of them have recorded a major incident in modern times; Southwest edges it to the top due to the sheer number of trips they've flown.

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Am I Going Down? 

A little side-project: I've just released a 'fear of flying' app to the iPhone appstore:

Yes, the timing is terrible - that wasn't deliberate. The app allows you to rank airlines and aircraft by historical safety records, and to calculate the overall risk of any given flight. 
I've removed AirAsia from the list of airlines, for now.

Anybody fancy downloading it? 

#iphone #appstore #aviophobia

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NASA Wants to Send Humans to Mars, But What About Venus?
Scientists from NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, VA want to get a better idea about conditions on our nearest planetary neighbor Venus, so they have come up with HAVOC – High Altitude Venus Operational Concept, a lighter-than-air vehicle that would send two astronauts on a 30-day mission to explore the planet’s dense, corrosive atmosphere.

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Pretty nice, actually #androidwear  

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Infiltrating the hipsters #googlecampuslondon

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From small beginnings... 

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