For the last few months, Calvin and Owen have been slowly building an ideological alliance. Now, they prepare to make their move.

While both these intelligence operators share the patriotic fervor of people like Jay Phillips, their vision of how their power and influence emerges is more nuanced. Against difficult odds, they are trying to bring the NIA into the information age.

While we know who's behind the hit order on +Hank Johnson, +Susanna Moyer's contract has never been traced back. By reaching out to all the players in the circle of power, they are hoping that, somewhere, the right recipient will get the message and perhaps stand down.

What's invisible to us is the political complexity of this gambit. Institutions are slow to change, mindsets even slower, and power always seeks to preserve itself. Lorazon is placing all his chips on this side of the table, hoping that Calvin and Owen will fail and create opportunities for his own advancement. 

My question for you today is a complex one, and I hope that Investigators who've studied the intel more deeply will be able to assist those who are still getting their feet wet: How has the revelation of the +Niantic Project and the emergence and global spread of the +Ingress Scanner app changed the character of the NIA and its leadership? How did the emergence of the Corporations evolve the balance of power? Have the Corporations themselves experienced shifts in character and power since their emergence in the world of XM Technology? Based on this, can we predict what lies ahead?

A passcode to those who enrich our conversation with meaningful insights, speculation and references.

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