+Hank Johnson and +Devra Bogdanovich met in Los Angeles on the day of the #13MAGNUS Anomaly.

Somewhere, someone was watching. This video was leaked to me earlier today. It reveals the results of ADA's attempt to bring these two researchers together to uncover a mystery buried 20 years ago. In addition, it seems ADA may have had some help from another Investigator known to us in bringing her message to them....

What is Klue up to? Why is she colluding with ADA? While there are many who have been quick to jump to the conclusion that somehow ADA used the Glyphs to somehow corrupt or manipulate her, she still seems like the Klue of old to me... but still... something's different.

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OCTOBER 26, 2013
Seattle, WA - http://goo.gl/XAhYl1
Kiev, Ukraine - http://goo.gl/yxQczs

NOVEMBER 2, 2013
Atlanta, GA - http://goo.gl/ma2nf6
Madrid, Spain - http://goo.gl/uPhmLV
Mumbai, India - http://goo.gl/10fXb4

NOVEMBER 16, 2013
Dallas, TX - http://goo.gl/q6C14V
Vienna, Austria - http://goo.gl/MxrFpb

DECEMBER 7, 2013
Phoenix, AZ - http://goo.gl/NVfESN
Rome, Italy - http://goo.gl/OEVdWE

DECEMBER 14, 2013
San Francisco, CA - http://goo.gl/Xw9tfD
Buenos Aires, Argentina - http://goo.gl/vRBu4j
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