Could Susanna Moyer be harboring buried family secrets, without even knowing it?

In the Hulong transcript obtained yesterday, Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe advised Susanna Moyer to press her father for answers.

From what is known, Nigel Moyer may have been a cryptanalyst or researcher for the British during the Cold War era, but many questions remain to be answered.

How long has XM or some form of XM been hiding in secret as a tool in human conflict? Nigel Moyer refers to an incident from Susanna's past as 'a gift?' What might have that been? And as for Dreizehn Große... #13MAGNUS... What is it, really? Ancient cult? Classified Cold-War effort? Are the threads separate or connected in linear time, and how do Jarvis, Osiris, XM, the Portals and the Shapers all fit into it?

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