Has ADA been powerless to prevent the events of #13MAGNUS? Or simply unwilling...

One of the questions I've been pondering watching the massive, worldwide culmination of Operation #13MAGNUS has been... where is ADA?

I recall many discussions we had together, with Investigators often speculating that very little happened in the world of Ingress without ADA either being in the know, or being somehow involved. And yet, after bringing Hank and Devra together at the very beginning of this series of Anomalies in Los Angeles, she has been silent, perhaps suspiciously so.

The thought had barely occurred to me when I noticed this file on my desktop. Perhaps I sensed it was there, I can't be sure.

It's old, archival. A seemingly irrelevant artifact from a buried NIA server somewhere. And yet, in the midst of Shards racing across the Earth to their destinations, and thousands of Agents strategizing, conspiring, and waiting with bated breath for the final #13MAGNUS Anomalies to strike, this document surfaced.

That really is the question. It's one we should have asked before, but didn't. What does ADA's silence mean? Has she been a powerless witness to the events of #13MAGNUS or an active conspirator. What is her agenda, and when the two Factions stand in a new world of their own creation, what will ADA's position be?

A passcode to those who enrich our conversation with meaningful speculation, insights and references.



DECEMBER 14, 2013
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