Have the corporations begun to carve a new map onto the face of the world?

In an attempt to bypass electronic eyes, Ilya Pevtsov wrote this letter to +Hulong Transglobal Chairwoman, Catherine Fan, by hand and had it delivered by a messenger. Fortunately there are Truthseekers everywhere, and one of them obtained the document and shared it with me.

It seems that +Visur Technology and +Hulong Transglobal have recognized that alone they cannot hope to outmatch the resources behind +IQTech Research, which has the backing of the US Government. The letter proposes that the Corporations begin to localize their regions of influence to ensure that the two underdogs can grow in strength mutually as they plan their long term rise to dominance.

What might this mean for the balance between the Corporations? How might IQTech respond to the threat of a united Visur and Hulong, or is IQTech's only concern XM in American territory? And in addition, who might the messenger have been?

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I've attempted to transcribe the handwritten letter as best I can below:


It is interesting that well into the 21st Century I find myself having to write to you in this primitive form, but given the porousness of electronic and verbal communications and the lack of time sensitivity of this document, I felt it was best to have this hand-delivered to you.  I think you will agree that the identity of the messenger is, in and of itself, a gesture of good faith on my part.

As you have discovered with Lynton-Wolfe and I have learned with Dr. Bogdanovich, ideology and philosophy are stronger with some than the call of prosperity and order.  That is to say that as long as we allow charismatic leaders to pull sway in the world, commerce will be a pawn in a much larger power struggle. While I do not want to dominate the struggle, I believe the corporations, if united in purpose, even if not united under one corporate identity, could serve as the board in this interdimensional chess game. If you take my analogy.

I think we must consider the possibility that while we have many conflicting interests, we also have horizontal interests in common.  Calvin and IQTech are backed by the US Government, and alone neither of our corporations will stand a chance against that force in the long run. It is my opinion that Visur and Hulong could strike our own Treaty of Tordesillas clearly demarcating zones of influence. They do not have to be geographically contiguous, but they should represent equal amounts of XM harvesting potential.

I find that this primitive form of communication is cramping my hand, but consider this a first modest proposal with much to be discussed in times to come.

Ilya Pevtsov
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