Calvin's words from yesterday continue in this audio fragment.

He posits his theory of the nature of the Shapers, and again, I would remind all Investigators that his interpretation may be skewed by his own fears and background. It seems Calvin is aware of the fragile and uncertain terrain all those who seek to discover the truth of the world of Ingress walk on:

"You can catch the truth in a glimpse. You understand part of it for an instant, then it vanishes, like a dream shredding in the morning light. A little remains. You write it down. It becomes a footnote to the growing body of knowledge, and these glimpses are very rarely shared, because often as not they sound like the disjointed ramblings of madmen. Mad ramblings don't stand up well to peer review."

I continue to welcome your criticisms of Calvin's theories, as well as your own glimpses into the truth. Whether our discussion sounds like the disjointed ramblings of madmen or not, I call on all Investigators to share their footnotes in the hope that we can discover the truth together.

A passcode to those who enrich our conversation with meaningful insights, speculation and references.


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