Is Oliver Lynton-Wolfe defeated, or is he playing the long con?

Following the climactic events of December 14th and the 'manifestation' of Roland Jarvis in San Francisco, the Enlightened leader and Dr. Lynton-Wolfe were spotted reading together from the 'Jarvis Redemption' speech ( & at a Cross-Faction Ingress Agent meetup taking place nearby.

Dr. Lynton-Wolfe's sudden reversal of opinion towards a man he had previously referred to as a 'Shaper puppet' took many by surprise, and it seems we are not alone in asking what that means. A classified document of unknown origin came into my possession today. Among other things, the document sheds light on Lynton-Wolfe's psychological state, particularly in light of the events of #13MAGNUS.

Who wrote this document? Unknown, but I can begin to list the suspects. Which of the possible analyses do you agree with, or do you have an alternate theory? And finally, the document treats the appearance of Jarvis in San Francisco with some suspicion... Do you think that suspicion is justified? Do you share it?

A passcode to those who enrich our conversation with meaningful insights, speculation and references.

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