+IQTech Research's RTT (Regional Tracking Technology), also called 'Regional Scoring' revealed.

We heard about IQTech's Regional Tracking Technology system in letters between Ilya Pevtsov and Catherine Fan, and a conversation between Ezekiel Calvin and Ken Owen. Today, I've obtained a document that reveals details of the technology and how it will impact Agents in the field.

The document is a detailed and illuminating examination of how the technology works and how it will impact Agent scanners. Here are my questions for you today:

How you do you predict RTT will change Agent Activity around the globe? The document mentions that RTT may enable the NIA to better understand how Agent Activity may impact XM Anomalies, what do you think this means? How do you predict the Corporations, the NIA and  Faction Leadership will attempt to exploit this new regional MU data?

A passcode to those who enrich our conversation with meaningful insights, speculation and references.

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