The beginning of Hank's journey revealed, from the other side.

Previously we came into possession of letters between Ezekiel Calvin, who even then was well versed in the world of the hidden and the strange, and +Hank Johnson, a student unaware of the series of incredible discoveries and adventures that awaited him in the future.

Today's document reveals the other side of that moment. Within a classified, probably unnamed and unnameable Intelligence Agency, Calvin was attempting to leverage Hank in a quest to dig deeper into a particular secret society. One that attached itself like a parasite onto many other secret societies across time, dissolving and reforming, protecting its secrets. Its name, of course, was #13MAGNUS .

How does this document help us in our own quest, here and today, to understand what #13MAGNUS means to all of us as Agents and Investigators? How fiercely protected must their secrets have been that they needed to exist one layer above other societies sworn to secrecy, like the Illuminati? And why now, in this day and age, have the wheels attached to this ancient movement begun to spin?

A passcode to those who enrich our conversation with insights, memories and speculation.



OCTOBER 26, 2013
Seattle, WA (featuring Enoch Dalby) -
Kiev, Ukraine -

NOVEMBER 2, 2013
Atlanta, GA -
Madrid, Spain -
Mumbai, India -

NOVEMBER 16, 2013
Dallas, TX -
Vienna, Austria -

DECEMBER 7, 2013
Phoenix, AZ -
Rome, Italy -

DECEMBER 14, 2013
San Francisco, CA -
Buenos Aires, Argentina -
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