What is ADA up to?

It's been a while since I've seen ADA directly contact Dr. Ezekiel Calvin. He was there when she was being assembled from Omnivore components, and in fact was in charge of the process of ensuring her creation. There's a bond there, a complicated one, and it explains why ADA would reach out to Calvin now. With the release of the RTT system to the Ingress Scanner Technology last week, IQTech has positioned itself as a new powerhouse in the world of XM Tech. Their access to this wholly new form of XM Monitoring information is a potential bonanza, and ADA knows it.

What she has to offer to +IQTech Research is clear. Having 'evolved,' as she put it, it's unlikely a human-tooled algorithm could match her sophistication. But IQTech's horse in this bargain is less clear. What is ADA looking for, and why? It's not an analytical question, there's not much in the transcript to reveal her thinking. The question really is: Given what we know of ADA, what might her long term plan be, and how might these 'Artifacts,' something usually of interest only to someone like +Hank Johnson, factor in?

A passcode to those who enrich our conversation with meaningful speculation, references and insights.

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