Yesterday, +enoch dalby revealed new music. Floating between the sounds was the voice of none other than Roland Jarvis.

Rumor has it, the XM Entity had broadcast this new, extended message on the Portals and our destiny by compromising Lynton-Wolfe's RedX devices, although it seems that the presence of his voice in enoch's music may be just as much the work of Jarvis as dalby himself.

This intercepted phone call, captured possibly moments after the release of the music last night, reveals that both Misty and enoch are, in their own ways, attempting to reach into the ether behind the portals and connect with the deceased, brilliant researcher, +Carrie Campbell.

+Misty Hannah warns Enoch to turn away from the voices and images he is seeing in his creative pursuits. She warns that at the end, she sees an inferno. What's your interpretation of what's going on here? Is Carrie reaching out to them through the void? Or is Misty and enoch who are doing the reaching, grasping at something they think is Carrie, but might be something else altogether...

A passcode to those who enrich our conversation today.


DECEMBER 7, 2013
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