Join the battle for Obsidian. The Resistance, led by Jahan and the Enlightened, led by The Acolyte are locked in a struggle to uncover ancient XM objects hidden by a ancient Roman explorer. Their hope? To redefine the balance of power between the two Factions, and between the Shapers and the N’zeer. 

For the events on 27 FEB:

Registration Links:
Primary: (Flash Shard Event)Seattle, WA, USA - 
(Flash Shard Event) Rio de Janeiro, Brasil -
Hamamatsu, Japan - 
Madrid, Spain - 
Milwaukee, WI, USA - 

For the events on 2 APR: 

Registration Links:
Primary: Hong Kong - 
Colombo, Sri Lanka - 

Primary: Vienna, Austria - 
Copenhagen, Denmark - 

Primary: Orlando, FL, USA - 
Mexico City, Mexico - 
Tucson, AZ, USA - 
San Antonio, TX, USA - 
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