Two brilliant minds share an evening of adventure, and embark towards their destiny.

Yesterday, after fierce negotiations with the Enlightened, individual Agents and Investigators and two of the Corporations (+IQTech Research and +Visur Technology), the Agents who received the document from +Devra Bogdanovich in Los Angeles after #13MAGNUS released the hard-earned pages to the public.

As a truthseeker, first and foremost, I commend their decision.

Combined with the +Thomas Greanias interview, yesterday's letters and the leaked video, a complete picture of +Hank Johnson and +Devra Bogdanovich's early relationship and work related to #13MAGNUS nearly 20 years ago has emerged. In addition to the written pages, two photos of Glyphs from a cave near the Arecibo research facility are included which may shed light on what awaits us in the future.

What is your interpretation of the new findings from this document? Based on this new evidence, do any new possibilities for the future of #13MAGNUS come to mind? What is your opinion of the Agents' decision to release the documents to the public. Should they instead have used the leverage to seek gain for themselves or their factions, or was releasing the documents the best possible decision for them to have made?

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