Leaked documents emerging from a high conflict zone in India earlier this week revealed that +Hank Johnson  was the center of a massive firefight between entities including +IQTech Research, +Visur Technology, +Hulong Transglobal and more, each seeking to either capture him or prevent his capture by an opposing force by all means necessary.

Hank's journey from Afghanistan into India has been mired with multiple ugly encounters with operatives seeking to do him harm. This leaked intel briefing reveals that Hank Johnson may have been seriously wounded in this most recent attack.

He is, however, a masterful operator, and it seems he was able to continue to travel deeper into India. According to the leaked briefing, he convinced a volunteer at a local temple, where he sought refuge after being wounded, to help take him off the radar. From what we know, she's a civilian, ignorant of this massive global conflict and the hungry pack of wolves that chases Hank Johnson like a curse.

For better or worse, our world and hers are about to collide. By allowing her to help him, he's exposing her to more risk than he may be prepared to protect her from.

Hank... I hope you know what you're doing.

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