Thank you, +Thomas Greanias

The author took advantage of +Devra Bogdanovich and +Hank Johnson's presence in Los Angeles for the #13MAGNUS Anomaly to conduct some research for his future work, and was kind enough to share some of the choice material from his transcripts with us.

While rumors had existed that Hank and Devra knew each other prior to the Niantic Project, these transcripts offer up some interesting details about how they met and the work they did together back then. One of the most interesting details in my opinion is the lurking presence of Ezekiel Calvin in the shadows... Even back then, it seems that he has had an almost puppet-master like presence in the world of Exotic Matter. Is it possible the recruiting for the Niantic Project began years, perhaps decades, before the project even officially existed? What are your impressions of these extracts from the interview material? Do we learn anything new about Devra and Hank, and what kind of a role they might play as the struggle for power in the Post-XM world continues?

A passcode for those who join meaningfully in our conversation today. (And to those who added to our conversations over the last few days, I started sending passcodes out to you today, and will finish up tomorrow)...
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