Why did Susanna Moyer help Oliver Lynton-Wolfe escape to Buenos Aires?

Light is shed on this controversial subject in a transcript obtained from +Hulong Transglobal today.

Lynton-Wolfe, it seems, plans to somehow leverage what may have been a World War II era project exploring what is now known as Exotic Matter in his bid to destroy the Shards of the Jarvis XM Entity.

Susanna Moyer's role in all this grows thicker by the day. It seems now that her father, a figure about whom very little is known, may be involved as well.

Why does Susanna Moyer have a stake in the destruction of the Jarvis Entity? What do we know about her past and her father? And this strange, so called 'Wunderwaffe' project? Is it a myth, a rumor or a deeply buried truth?

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DECEMBER 7, 2013
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DECEMBER 14, 2013
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